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Analytical Study Of Inhumanity Behind The Bars

INTRODUCTION “A prisoner does not shed his basic constitutional rights at the prison gate”[1]-Justice Marshall Imprisonment involving the denial of liberty of the individual signifies the societal disapproval of the violation of law by him. As such it cannot be …

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Compensatory Jurisprudence For Victims

 “So slow is justice in its way.  Beset by more than customary clog. Going to law in these expensive days, is much the same as going to dogs”[1]– Willock INTRODUCTION Unlike the accused, victims have virtually no rights in criminal …

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Criminalization Of Marital Rape

No One Deserves To Be Raped. Rape Is Never The Victim’s Fault. Rape is the most outrageous crime committed against women. It has both physical and psychological consequences. The atrocious act of treating a woman like a chattel, using her …

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Rule of Law Under Indian Constitution

Introduction The bedrock of our democracy is the “Rule of Law” and that means we have to have an independent judiciary, judges who can make decision independent of the political winds that are blowing- Caroline Kennedy The Constitution of India …

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