About the Journal

Law Corner Review is a quarterly published online, double-blind, peer-reviewed, online and open access journal.

It seeks to provide a forum for engaging in discussions on varied issues of contemporary importance in domestic and international law and policy. The aim of the journal is to draw attention to and provide critical insight into crucial issues impacting the legal sphere.

Law Corner Review intends to be a leader in facilitating a new kind of discussion in various fields of law believing that such engagement is transformative and that it is time for transformation in academia, “Law Corner Review” will be at the forefront in reinforcing relationships between communities and institutions of higher learning.

Journal Particulars

  • Title - Law Corner Review
  • Frequency - Quarterly
  • ISSN -
  • Publisher - Mainuddin Mandal
  • Chief Editor - Shaikh Taj Mohammed
  • Copyright - Law Corner
  • Starting Year - 2021
  • Subject - Law
  • Language - English
  • Publication Format - Online
  • Phone No - +91 7602567752
  • Email Id - review@lawcorner.in
  • Mobile No - +91 8926705549
  • Website - https://lawcorner.in/review/
  • Address - Domkal, Murshidabad, West Bengal, 742303

Our Aim

The main aim of the journal is to draw attention to and provide critical insight into crucial issues impacting the legal education as well as legal world.

Our aim to provide a platform where everyone related to the field of law & Social science can contribute their research work and help to create a quality open-access platform that can be used by anyone to gain or develop their knowledge, expertise & further research.


As an online journal, it will be openly accessible to the researchers as well public at large. The readers can view the content submitted by authors freely and can download the same without any cost.

Paper Published



Mainuddin Mandal

Address –

Domkal Muslim Para, P.O & P.S – Domkal

Dist – Murshidabad, West Bengal, 742303

Contact –

Email – mainuddin@lawcorner.in

Phone – +918926705549

Types Of Submissions Accepted

1500 – 4500 words, including footnotes

3000-10,000 words, including footnotes

1500-4000 words, including footnotes

1500-4500 words, including footnotes

1500-4500 words, including footnotes

5,000-12,000 words, including footnotes

6,000-60,000 words, including footnotes

Plagiarism Policy

All the submissions submitted for the publication to Law Corner Review must be plagiarism free. The Law Corner Review uses software to find out the plagiarism. But it is the duty of the contributors to assure the originality before the submission.


A maximum of one co-author is allowed.

Author Guidelines

Article Body

  1. The submission must be in MS Word format and font in Times New Roman.
  2. The main text should be in font size 12.
  3. A line spacing of 1.5 should be followed for the main text.
  4. All text should be justified.
  5.  All non-English terms and Latin legal phrases need to be italicized.
  6. Please avoid underlining or bolding phrases and sentences for emphasis (except for subheading and title)


  1. The footnotes must be in Times New Roman font.
  2. The footnotes shall be in font size 10.
  3. A line spacing 1.0 for the footnotes is to follow.
  4. All the footnotes should be justified.

Publication Process

1. Submit Online

The first step to publish your research paper on our journal is online submission. You have to submit your paper online.

2. Review Process

After online submission, the submitted paper goes for review process. Our Editorial Board takes 2 (two) weeks to review a paper.

3. Approval of paper

While reviewing, if our Editorial Board finds your research paper meets all the guidelines. Your paper will be approved for publication.


4. Copyright Agreement Form

Once your paper gets approved and selected for publication, we will ask you to sign the copyright agreement form.

5. Publish online

The next step is online publication. We will publish your paper within 48 hours after getting signed copyright agreement form.

6. Get Certificate

We will issue an e-certificate of publication within 24 hours of publication. Hardcopy Certificate also be deliverd to your address.

How to Submit Paper?

Click Here to Download Copyright Agreement Form!

What to do next after submission? you have to wait till we notify you about your paper’s status.

What to do next after selection or rejection? Once your paper gets selected, we will ask you to sign the copyright agreement form.

Once we receive the signed copyright agreement form, we will publish your paper within two working days.