Submission Guidelines


Law Corner Review is quarterly, Peer Review, Academic journal, published online, that seeks to provide an interactive forum for the publication of articles in the field of Law. We welcome submissions from academicians, practitioners, students, researchers, judges and experts.


“Law Corner Review” believes in bringing certain reforms in the present Legal Educational System, by publishing glorious submission of ingenious minds. We believe that every issue or every aspect of the law is very important. Therefore, it does not emphasize any particular theme of law. Contributors can submit their submission on any theme related to the field of Law.


A short abstract should be between 150 to 300 words that outlines the main question or theme addressed in the paper is required to be sent along with the submission.


The Law Corner Review invites original, unpublished content from all academician, authors, legal professionals and students from across the globe, under the following categories-

  • Short Articles: (1500 – 4500 words, including footnotes)
  • Long Articles: (3000-10,000 words, including footnotes)
  • Book Reviews: (1500-4500 words, including footnotes)
  • Case Comments: (1500-4500 words, including footnotes)
  • Legislative Comments: (1500-4500 words, including footnotes)
  • Research Papers: (5000-12,000 words, including footnotes)
  • Dissertations: (6000-60,000 words, including footnotes)

[Note: Please don’t submit more than one submission until or unless your submission shall be disqualified.]


Any uniform method for citation may be followed (Bluebook, MLA, SILC, NUJS Law Review, ILI, etc.)


The submission must be formatted according to the following specifications:


  • The submission must be in MS Word format and font in Times New Roman.
  • The main text should be in font size 12.
  • A line spacing of 1.5 should be followed for the main text.
  • All text should be justified.
  •  All non-English terms and Latin legal phrases need to be italicized.
  • Please avoid underlining or bolding phrases and sentences for emphasis (except for subheading and title)


  • The footnotes must be in Times New Roman font.
  • The footnotes shall be in font size 10.
  • A line spacing 1.0 for the footnotes is to follow.
  • All the footnotes should be justified.


All the submissions submitted for publication to Law Corner Review must be plagiarism-free. The Law Corner Review uses software to find out plagiarism. But it is the duty of the contributors to assure the originality before the submission.

[NOTE: The Law Corner Review shall not be liable for any plagiarism or copyright issue.]


A maximum of one co-author is allowed.


Step 1, Download Copyright Agreement Form, Click Here to Download.

Step 2, Sign The Copyright Agreement Form.

Step 3, Submit your manuscript online along with the signed Copyright Agreement Form. Click Here to submit.


In case if you have any doubt or queries about the submission and publication process, please feel free to send us an email at  or call us +91 7602567752