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A Call To Ban Multi-Layered Marketing In India

Abstract This article will explain the concept of multi-layered marketing and its widespread popularity in India. Furthermore, it will explain why Multi-Layered Marketing or MLMs in short have become a bane rather than a boom. It gives its explanation on …

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Advertisement: Outrage For Sale

It’s a scary experience for me to browse the internet because it’ll be like standing near an unstable powder keg. Nowadays, I can only see people being enraged over trivial reasons while lambasting someone for saying anything against the status …

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The Calamity of Patriotic Bhedchaal

When David Bowie found Rule Britannia to be out of bounds, I wasn’t so surprised. The patriotic chant becomes meaningless to the people who weren’t in the ruling class. I’m talking about two lines from “Life on Mars?” a David …

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Disillusionment Of The Indian Masses Towards The Media

As of this writing, the Indian people’s respect for their mainstream media is declining. And why should we respect them anyway? All we get is just textbook lies, misinformation, and plain fake news. The newsmen, journalists, and reporters are supposed …

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Should Reservation System Be Abolished In India?

When Dr. B.R.Ambedkar drafted the Constitution of India, the society was different back then. People who belonged in the now ST/SC/OBC community were discriminated and were not given education, job opportunities or any facilities because of the traditional, societal and …

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The Vietnam War And the Agent Orange Case

Introduction If there is one thing to describe the Vietnam War, it is perfectly summed up by Sardar Khan’s quote from Gangs of Wasseypur- Keh Ke Lunga. This is what literally happened to the United States of America when they …

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The Current Economic Legal Issues in India

One of the biggest needs for the growth of the country is the economy. It is something that most countries would love to do that but they fail to do so. One example is Venezuela, a country which was once …

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The Rising Problem of Fake Patriotism

When we talk about patriotism, we were told in school that it is a duty that needs to be done to show our love for country. For the last few years however, this love for country has been perverted and …

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