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Essentials of Contract of Sale

Introduction Every day, hundreds and thousands of sale transactions take place worldwide. Buying and selling of goods have existed since the first societies came into being, and the initial system of barter was replaced by minted currency once a standardised …

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Law As A Dictate of Reasons

Introduction Natural law is also referred to as moral law. It is commonly referred to as the law of nature, divine law, or law that is universal and eternal in nature. It is also a product of reasons. Scholars have …

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Paternity Leave – An Equal Partnership in Nurturing

“Child care is the joint responsibility of both the parents. They must devote time to the new born to ensure its proper well-being.”  – Rajiv Satav, Member of Parliament, Maharashtra Introduction After the baby is born, the mother’s presence is …

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Functions of Bar Council of India

Introduction The primary body for regulating legal profession and legal education, to some extent, is the bar council of a particular country. The trend of establishing bar councils is popular within countries following the common law system. It is a …

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