The Ethical Perspective of Artificial Intelligence in Asia

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a field of computer science. It is a technology that runs on software which we use now a day to ease our work but AI is more than that we are using today. The field of AI has been developing every day. AI means the creation of machines that can think, learn and react like humans. When we think about self- regulating machines without the use of human effort, we rely on computer programming. It is always said that never rely on anything too much otherwise that thing start controlling us. Our elders always taught us “Everything is good when it’s in the limit” and I believe it too. AI can replace human but not wholly.

Some of the renowned people of the software industry gave their own opinions on the use of AI in future. Their views are as follows:-

“AI is more profound than electricity and fire.” – Sundar Pichai

“I think we should be very careful about artificial intelligence. If I had to guess at what our biggest existential threat is, it’s probably that. So we need to be very careful….with artificial intelligence we’re summoning the demon.”-Alon Musk

“AI is going to make our lives better in the future, and doomsday scenarios are “pretty irresponsible,”- Mark Zuckerberg

It is rightly said that we always tend to think about anything on the basis of “who we are not how that thing will be” because we can only predict. It’s always said that don’t judge about anything unless you know the whole story about it.

Now let’s discuss Ethical perspective in AI. It is true to say that AI will not leave morality unchanged. There are many risks that persist in the use of AI. As we all know Artificial Intelligence means teaching machines to work on its own. There can be any failure in instruction or a slight change in instruction can cause a lot of harm because machines can’t have decision making power as humans.

When we start using some software, we permit them to use our data because that how the software works. Suppose if we have truecaller app then it can’t work unless we permit them to use our contacts because it is developed to tress the numbers. Some software’s may require our location, our personal information that stored in that software etc., The software’s use our data to give output and that’s how software companies get almost every information regarding us.

In such situation losing our privacy is common. I would say if today privacy is our Right so, in future of AI, Data sharing will become our duty. If today, Laws forbidding the use of some kind of information so in future of AI, Laws will mandate the use of all relevant information’s. If today we say that work gives meaning to life but in future, it will become slavery because we will have machines and robots to perform that work. Today we say machines must follow the rule but in future, we will teach them to bend the rule as we do.

In such a situation some risk factors are that Machines can take away jobs, Machines can be ended being like us, as it learns from if its teacher or programmer is right-minded people then it’s good but if its teacher or programmer is criminal minded people then it can do more wrong then a human being can do. Machines can kill people, Machines can make decisions that we don’t understand, Machines can alter their own instructions, Machines can make smart or dumb decisions, Machines can use human weaknesses to control us and many more.

So In my opinion, if we want to teach ethics to machines in general. We can create a world organization which can be called an Artificial Intelligence organization that can make some general worldwide rules for using Artificial intelligence. It should be made mandatory for every country to follow such rules. We should build one controlling software that can regulate the machines and penalized them when performing any unethical work. The ethics should be coded in every software which pertains general rules along with rules of that country. The governments must not give full hold of such risky technology in the hands of private entrepreneurs and should indulge themselves in that business to control them.

The owner of Facebook is very optimistic towards the use of AI as it regularly works in that field. Facebook had developed many chatbots in its history. But we are well aware of the story of Facebook that Facebook had been experimenting with bots that negotiate with each other over the ownership of virtual items. That bots were developed to communicate with human and learn things on its own. After some days that bots created their own machine language which was unknown for humans to understand hence facebook had to demolish them and halt the project.

This is only the one case, I guess there are many more cases yet to come. The software industry is developing so fast and we are aware of its consequences in future hence world are moulding themselves along with it. But it’s time to make some serious rules and ethics regarding the use of Artificial Intelligence.


Hence it can be concluded that AI is a double-edged sword. It can be the biggest revolution for human civilization or it can also be the biggest threat to humanity, it all depends on us on how we develop this new technology and how we use it but in either case, it will fully change the world around us.

This article is authored by Adv. Radhika Sharma, Second-Year, B.A. LL.B student at JIMS Engineering Management Technical Campus (JEMTEC) 

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