What is Cyber Crime & It’s Security


We are living in the era of internet, it means we can say that today’s generation use the internet for everything and internet is a part of their daily life, they are living on internet. For connecting with others through instant message, emails, shopping, studying, banking and many more internet touched every aspect of life. Cyber crime is that the latest and maybe the foremost sophisticated downside within the cyber world. The term cyber crime has obscurity been out lined in any statute or act passed by the Indian parliament.  Any criminal activity that uses a computer either as an instrumentality target or a means for perpetuating further crimes comes within the ambit of cyber crime. “When you are aware of risks, it may be much easier to protect yourself from hackers, viruses, and malware.” There is a high risk of cyber attacks by which hacker stole or destroy our data. We need strong cyber security to safe our data. Cyber security plays an important role in internet world. For communication via sending emails, text messages, phones, transportation include traffic control, airport navigation system, government database like tax records, licenses, and many other system like financial system bank accounts, loans, medical system, education system all are dependent on the cyber and we need a strong security for every system at present time.


The internet has become the most vital technology altogether over the planet, that is not solely employed by the folks to contact with one another however additionally used by business organizations to become international. Cyber crime is one in every of the crucial subjects within the history of criminal, that is understood as white color crime. This subject has become very talked about within the society as a result of cyber crime is related to those who square measure quite educated and who have sufficient knowledge about the data technology. “Cyber crime” is a term used to broadly describe criminal activity in which computers or computer networks are a tool, a target, or a place of criminal activity and include everything from electronic cracking to denial of service attacks. Cyber crime in the main carries with it access to information processing system data alteration, theft of intellectual property. Cyber crime involve hacking, information warfare, and other related activities.

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1. HACKING:- Hacking is a crime, through which hackers crack the system and gain the unauthorized access to the data. Hacking involve the partial or complete acquisition of consist functions at intervals a system, network, or website. It additionally aims to access to special knowledge and data, breaching privacy. There are many different types of hacking strategies:

    • Vulnerability scanner
    • Password cracking
    • Packet sniffer
    • Viruses
    • Root kit etc

2. PHISHING:- Phishing may be a technique of making an attempt to assemble personal victimisation deceptive e-mails and websites. Here’s what you wish to know about this venerable, but increasingly sophisticated, form of cyber attack. Phishing is just one of many frauds on internet trying to fool people into parting with their money and by stealing their personal information.

3. INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY CRIME:- Intellectual property crime is committed once someone uses intellectual property rights without the authorization of its owner.

4. FRAUD:- It is a general term which is used by criminal with the intention to deceive a person in order to receive important data or information. Altering, destroying, stealing, etc these all are the ways to making fraud.

Rather than there are types of cyber crime, such as

5. Scamming

6. Gambling

7. Identity theft

8. Virus attack

9. Cyber stalking etc


India is the 3rd most targeted country for phishing attack after UK & US. It comes under the information technology act, 2000. Whoever with the intent to knowing that he is likely to cause wrongful loss or damages to public or any person. It is related to legal informatics and digitalization of information, software, information security, and e-commerce. Cyber law is important to cover up all the transactions that are make over internet and also maintain record of every activities over internet and it touches all the actions and every reaction of cyberspace. Cyber law contains different type of purposes. And cover a major area that includes fraud, copyright, defamation, stalking, harassment, etc. cyber law is important for providing digital signature, legal infrastructure for e-commerce, security, e-form etc. India needs high security of internet because this is most targeted country for cyber crime. In India users of internet are rapidly growing its approx 121minion internet users are therefore. And high users of internet shopping up to 50milions and more than that are the users of social media.


1. Password:- We should set a strong password. It secure our system and its data. We all make same password everywhere it’s a biggest mistake, but we should use a complex and unique password combination of letters, numbers and symbols. We can change our password of social media or online accounts regularly.

2. Antivirus software:- Antivirus is a program which is designed to protect, detect and remove the malware or virus from computer network, system and device. It is not a perfect or permanent solution but it’s a begin. We must always update our antivirus software to the most recent program.

3. Update software:- We should update our software regularly with its latest version. But we postpone it for later which is harmful for ourselves. Cyber criminals typically use the disadvantages and renowned damages of our code to enter our system. By regular code change, we tend to correct these disadvantages and damages. This manner we tend to scale back the likelihood of turning into a law-breaking target.

4. Use trusted and secure websites:- We should use the trusted and valid websites. See always the security of website like “https” here s is shows its secure. We should not visit any fake website because due to that our information reach up-to them and they can misuse it. We should also be careful about that don’t use debit or credit cards information on any fake or un-trusted websites. It can be harmful for our personal and financial information.


  1. Wireless malware attack
  2. Totally Un-predictable
  3. Mobile will be most common tool for hacking
  4. Personal& financial data theft
  5. Website hacking will increase continuously


From the above discussion we get that there is a need of strong security of internet, to protect the data from cyber attacks. Hackers stolen or destroy our data by attack of malware, virus. We communicate to each other with the help of system and internet. The future of cyber security will in one sense be like the present: had to define and potential to unbounded as digital technologies interact with human beings. Cyber attacks stole our financial and personal information via malware attack, phishing attack, and hack our passwords and codes by password attacks, some virus and malware attack on our system by clicking on fake websites and download harmful applications, computer virus effect our system data and slow down the speed of our system or network. By the attack of all this our system does not work properly and fast and information also lost by us. We should download the antivirus and other security technology to secure the data. Cyber attacks are dangerous for organization as well as an individual both, so they should use high security of internet. We get that removable disk, unknown email, codes, unauthorized websites can easily hack data. Data theft, cloud, unread terms and conditions are the reason for the attacks and there are some solutions also available like antivirus, hardware authentication. To secure our system and networks by the cyber attacks we need strong security of internet.

This article is authored by Ram Gurjar, student of B.A.LL.B at S & S Law College Indore.

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