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How To Get A Digital Signature Certificate?

With the e-commerce boom, almost all of our transactions, contracts, sending and receiving documents, have become digital. On a given day, innumerable documents are being sent and received by many persons. So, every electronic document needs a unique authentication of …

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The Legal Challenges To Internet Banking

Banking is considered to be the lifeline of the Indian economy. The present and the future of the nation depends upon the development and success of such banking. A radical change can be traced in the industry due to advancements …

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What Are The Key Aspects Of Data Protection Law?

In the year 2018, the European Union of General Data Protection Regulation evolves the new laws in the field of information insurance and numerous organizations need to refresh their information security policies according to the rules set by the General …

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An Overview of Data Protection

What is Data Protection? Data protection is the process or method of safeguarding or protecting important information or personal data from illegal use, corruption, a compromise which may cause loss/harm to the owner of that information or data financially or …

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What is Cyber Crime & It’s Security

INTRODUCTION:- We are living in the era of internet, it means we can say that today’s generation use the internet for everything and internet is a part of their daily life, they are living on internet. For connecting with others …

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Scope of Data Protection Laws in India

Data Protection is the method to protect and secure the digital information from its loss or corruption. Digital information stored are of immense importance sometimes for business, legal or any other purpose. With the technical advancement there is also an …

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Types Of Cyber Crimes

Cyber Crime No specific definition of cyber-crime is provided under any Act. However, in general, it refers to the crimes done with the help of computer or internet. Thus, it is specifically concerned with the crimes committed in the Cyberworld. …

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Evolution And Scope Of E-Commerce In India

Internet was introduced in India in 1995 and the first wave of e-commerce started soon thereafter. Poseidon,  the father of accounting and book keeping was the first person to establish a work on double entry system of book keeping. According …

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