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Law As A Dictate of Reasons

Introduction Natural law is also referred to as moral law. It is commonly referred to as the law of nature, divine law, or law that is universal and eternal in nature. It is also a product of reasons. Scholars have …

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Functions of Bar Council of India

Introduction The primary body for regulating legal profession and legal education, to some extent, is the bar council of a particular country. The trend of establishing bar councils is popular within countries following the common law system. It is a …

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Difference Between Tort And Crime

Introduction Crime and tort come from a common root. Ancient lawmakers did not necessarily see a difference between tort and crime, and a victim during those times could pursue justice through a forerunner of either criminal law or tort law. …

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Golden Triangle of Indian Constitution

Indian Constitution In terms of sovereignty, the Constitution of India is the longest written Constitution, having 470 Articles, grouped into 25 Parts, along with 12 Schedules. That sounds like a lot of words, and a lot of laws, and since …

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Difference Between LLP And Company

Introduction Undoubtedly, there is a striking difference between being aware of the existence of a subject matter and being exhaustively informed of the same. However, a borderline difference sometimes could considerably vary in different aspects, making two different concepts distinct …

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