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How To Cancel Power Of Attorney?

Introduction As our daily lives busier and more complex, we tend to depend on other people for several tasks. In the contemporary world, this has become a norm. We depend on other people to act on our behalf, whether professionally …

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Difference Between Court And Tribunal

Introduction A court means an institution which has the authority to settle legal disputes between the parties. In accordance with the rule of law, administration of justice is carried out in matters relating to civil, criminal or administrative. There are …

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Difference Between Agent And Servant

Introduction The complex nature of business forces an individual to seek assistance in dealing with transactions. It is understandable that due to shortage of time, he/she needs someone to delegate his/her work. As both servant and agent are hired to …

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Evolution of Corporate Governance in India

Introduction We’ve all heard of corporate frauds, haven’t we? In the past century the world has witnessed numerous large scale corporate frauds. The frequency of these frauds has turned corporate frauds into a common affair. Every time we hear of …

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What Is Plagiarism? Why Is It A Crime?

What is Plagiarism? Plagiarism is the act of taking a person’s work without their permission and passing it off as your own. Plagiarism is an unethical act and is not endorsed or tolerated by most people, institutes, and organizations. It …

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Modes of Acquisition of Property

Introduction The civilization and progress of mankind have always been boosted by the never-ending avarice; the appetite for power was one of the driving factors of development. Though the term ‘property’ has been used more in a generalized form rather …

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Punishment For Animal Cruelty In India

Introduction “Animal protection is education to humanity “ -Albert Schweitzer Every year there are more than a million cases of animal cruelty being reported worldwide. This can be for various reasons such as for the purpose of meat consumption, testing …

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