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Modes of Acquisition of Property

Introduction The civilization and progress of mankind have always been boosted by the never-ending avarice; the appetite for power was one of the driving factors of development. Though the term ‘property’ has been used more in a generalized form rather …

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Punishment For Animal Cruelty In India

Introduction “Animal protection is education to humanity “ -Albert Schweitzer Every year there are more than a million cases of animal cruelty being reported worldwide. This can be for various reasons such as for the purpose of meat consumption, testing …

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Admission And Enrollment Of Advocates

Introduction The profession of law is one of the most prestigious professions in society. A person who is a lawyer, advocate, judge, or in any profession associated with the law is always considered one of the most respected people in …

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Right To Remain Silent In India

Introduction Right to remain silent is adopted from British law that offered privilege and disappointment to both the witnesses and accused at the same time. For ages, the provision of the right to remain silent in the constitution of various …

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4 Signs To Understand You Are Good At Law

A good lawyer wins cases in court and will keep his clients out of trouble. These traits can be seen early in life, from high school to college. By identifying such traits early, you will direct a kid to choose …

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Law As A Dictate of Reasons

Introduction Natural law is also referred to as moral law. It is commonly referred to as the law of nature, divine law, or law that is universal and eternal in nature. It is also a product of reasons. Scholars have …

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