10 Common Mistakes in GSTR 1 Return

GST is the landmark reform in indirect taxation in India. It is for the first time that the concept of matching invoices has been introduced. Since most of the return filing process has been made computerized and the scope of …

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Hierarchy of Courts And Justice System in India

Introduction to Indian Judiciary The Indian democracy rests upon the federal system of division of powers. The authority of making laws and executing them lies in the hands of the legislature and the executive. However, the sole authority of interpretation …

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Right Of Dead Person In India

“I lived my whole life following others’ wishes. Let me follow my own wish in my death.” – An unheard message from the dead person. Introduction Recently what we have witnessed is undignified treatment and disposal of the dead bodies …

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Gambling Laws in India – An Overview

Introduction The Public Gambling Act, 1867 (“Gambling Act”) is that the general law governing gambling in India. However, the state legislatures, under the Constitution of India, are entrusted with significant regulatory leeway to make state specific gambling laws. The Gambling …

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Protection Of Civil Rights Act – An Overview

Abstract Prohibition to temples, inequality in education, denied access to use public places, wells, water bodies, etc. had been some major issues in our society for decades. The classification of society into upper and lower caste made all of this …

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