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Amendment of Pleadings Under CPC

Introduction Pleadings are statements in writing delivered by both the parties involved in the litigation namely, the defendant and plaintiff. Pleadings are delivered by parties to present their contentions in the trial by giving required details, as defined in order …

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Financial Relations Between Centre And State

Federalism in India The government of India is formed on the concept of federalism, which means that the centre of the government as well as its various constituent units shall enjoy the same power. India is a federation of 29 …

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Preventive Theory of Punishment

Introduction The idea of punishment is not new to man. Since the beginning of civilisation and the coming into existence of laws, punishment has been viewed as a means of mitigating crime from the society. Punishment implies conformity to societal …

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Firearms Laws In India

In India, citizens are not allowed to carry firearms unless they have justified reasons to convince authorities to grant licenses for the use of firearms. It is a privilege for citizens to have licensed firearms after going through constant police …

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