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Schools Of Criminology

Introduction The word ‘criminology’ is derived from the Latin word “CRIMEN” which means accusation and LOGIA means a study of a particular concept or subject. Thus, it can be said that criminology refers to the scientific study of crime and …

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Fundamental Rights – Meaning And Concept

Background The diversity of India is very typical. From the times of the Indus Valley civilisation to modern-day India, the subcontinent witnessed an explosion of cultures, religions, and languages. Various rulers and kingdoms came and ruled the subcontinent, making significant …

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Philosophical School of Jurisprudence

Jurisprudence – Definitions and Meaning The term ‘Jurisprudence’ is the English derivation of the Latin term ‘Jurisprudentia’. The Latin term means the study, knowledge or skill with respect to law. Over time, several definitions of the concept of Jurisprudence have …

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Validity Of Electronic Contracts

Introduction In human civilization, we need to exchange goods and services with one another to maintain the cash flow in the economy and to satisfy the needs of the individuals in society. The objective of making a contract is to …

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Importance of Internship for Law Students

Introduction The 21st generation is not all about academic records to secure a well-established career. Today your professional career depends upon the skills acquired from your work experience. Students need to be acquainted with leadership qualities, soft skills, computer operations, …

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Qualification And Disqualification Of Members Of Parliament

Introduction India is one of the world’s largest democratic country and has a written constitution which controls the external matters of its subjects. Citizens of the country choose their representatives and these representatives form a legislative body known as Parliament. …

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Role of Judiciary in Environmental Protection

Introduction The prominent scholar Thomas Berry coined the term Earth Jurisprudence. The theory focuses on the determination of the legal rights of Nature and mother Earth. The concept of giving humanistic or personhood titles to nature is derived from this …

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