Free Online Law Courses Offered By World’s Top Universities

More than one lakh law students in our country are graduating and joining the legal profession every year. This number is expected to be much higher in the near future. The number of law students is rapidly increasing.

Thousands of people are fighting for a few vacancies, as a result, number of unemployed graduates is increasing. In such a situation, you must have some specialization to remain one step ahead of others to achieve your dream job.

Without having skills and specialization in any particular area, no one is going to hire you in 2021. So, before you think of a prestigious job with a handsome salary, you must be thinking of getting some specialization in a particular field of law.

Now, you might be thinking about how to get specialization in any field. Well, in this blog post I am going to give you a list of free online law courses provided by world’s top universities. I can guarantee that if you could join these courses and have these certificates with you, you will be definitely one step ahead in 2021 before going to any job interview.

The most important thing is that you don’t need to go anywhere for these courses. You can simply join those courses using your mobile phones or laptops. These all courses are free to access, you can attain all the video courses for free. But if you wish to have those specialization certificates along with the courses, that won’t be free! You have to pay a certain amount for the certification.

In the free plan, you can only access video lectures and reading materials. but can’t get the certificates.

So, you can either join these courses only for free or you can join for courses with certification by paying the course certification fee. Usually, the pricing is between Rs. 2000/- to Rs. 4000/-. In free plans, you will only get the learning but in paid plans, you will have both the learning as well as the certificates.

So it is always recommended to go for specialization courses with certificates if you can afford this, because if you only join the free courses for learning but don’t go for certificates, you will have no proof of specialization, and you can’t show anyone that you are an expert in this field. The interviewer or an employer can’t see what is inside you, the thing he/she can see and will see is your CV, and if your CV contains few specialization courses from the world’s top universities, it will definitely impress them.

In this blog post, I have shortlisted a few relevant free online courses for law students and legal professionals, by joining these courses, a student who is thinking of getting placement right after graduation or a professional who is looking for an increment in position can impress their interviewers/bosses.

Following is the list of free online law courses, you are highly recommended to join. All of these courses are free to access without certificate.

Course 1 – Legal Tech and the Digital Transformation of Law

This course is offered by the Austral University. Established in 1992, the Austral University is ranked as the best private university in Argentina. As of December 2019, this university has more than 1200 professors.

This course will provide a broad overview of the digital revolution that is affecting the legal industry. If you want to a digital lawyer in this changing world, then this course is for you. In this course, you will learn –

(a) The birth of legal tech market and the application of technology in the field of law.

(b) The role of artificial intelligence in automating of works a lawyer.

(c) Blockchain technology and its impacts on signing and executing contracts.

(d) Initiatives to ensure access to justice through virtual courts and robot judges.

Note: Video lectures of this course are on Spanish language (English subtitle available)­

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Course 2 – Intellectual Property Law in Digital Age

This course is offered by Saint Petersburg State University, one of the largest and oldest universities in Russia. Founded in 1724 this university has a good reputation for providing quality education, it is the second-best multi-faculty university in Russia. Russia’s current president Vladimir Putin and ex-President Dimitry Medvedev both have studied law at this University.

This course provides comprehensive legal knowledge in the field of intellectual property law and covers all the areas of intellectual property law including the copyright, patent, trademark, legal regulation of domains, etc. This course also covers intellectual property law software, Artificial Intelligence, the Internet of Things and Big Data.

In this course, you will learn to apply intellectual property law regulations, to draft and analyze license agreements, the basics of international legal protection of intellectual property.

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Course 3 – Challenging Forensic Science: How Science Should Speak to Court

This course is offered by the University of Lausanne. The University of Lausanne is Switzerland’s State University founded in 1537. This University is famous for its innovative teaching methods.

In this course, you will learn forensic reporting and evaluative reporting, uncertainty in a criminal trial, the principle of forensic reporting, what is the DNA of a good forensic report, DNA recovered on a suspect, DNA recovered from the victim, identification with earmark, finger-marks, etc. and various case studies.

This course contains 52 video lectures, 11 reading materials, and 5 quizzes which will take approximately 17 hours to complete the course.

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Course 4 – AI & Law

This course is provided by the Lund University. It is one of the oldest universities in northern Europe. This university was founded in 1666 and is a top-ranked prestigious research university in Sweden.

In this course, you can learn how the increasing use of artificial intelligence (AI) affecting the practice and administration of law. You can also learn the connection between AI and law in the context of legal responsibility, lawmaking, law enforcement, criminal law, labour law, health law and intellectual property laws.

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Course 5 – Protecting Business Innovations via Copyright

This course is provided by the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology is the public research university of the new generation and is one of the fastest-growing universities in the world. It was ranked 27th in QS World University Ranking 2021.

In this course, you will learn everything about copyright law and how it can be used to protect business innovations. This course is based on practical perspective and you will also get to know about situations where copyright might not be effective in protecting business innovations.

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Course 6 – Successful Negotiation: Essential Strategies and Skills

This course is provided by the University of Michigan. The University of Michigan is one of the best public research universities of United States. Former US President Gerald Ford, Google Co-founder Larry Page are alumni of this university. As of October 2019, 26 Nobel Prize winners are affiliated with the University of Michigan.

In this course, you will learn, how to prepare and plan a negotiation strategy and the key tactics for a successful negotiation. This course is highly recommended for you if you are interested to make your career on alternative dispute resolutions.

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Course 7 – International Women’s Health and Human Rights

This course is offered by the University of Stanford. It is an American private research university founded in 1891 and located in California, United States. The founders of ‘Google’ Sergey Brin and Larry Page, the famous Indian businessman Mukesh Ambani, the CEO of ‘SpaceX’ and ‘Tesla Motors’ Elon Mask all once was students of this University.

In this course you are going to learn, the rights of women and human rights, female genital mutilation, HIV/AIDS of Childhood & Adolescence, reproductive health of women, violence against women in the Home and Community, women in war and refugee settings, and many more.

This course content 56 videos, 126 reading materials and 32 quizzes which will take approximately 58 hours to complete the course.

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All of these above courses are free to access, choose your preferred course from here, and start learning.

I will update this list of free online law courses from time to time, you can keep visiting this page for more relevant courses like these.

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