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Essentials of Contract of Sale

Introduction Every day, hundreds and thousands of sale transactions take place worldwide. Buying and selling of goods have existed since the first societies came into being, and the initial system of barter was replaced by minted currency once a standardised …

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Difference Between Layoff And Lockout

Introduction Whenever workers want their employer to heed their requisitions or to spurn working under the conditions of employers, they use strike as a weapon to force the management to accept their demand. As a counter, the management uses lockout …

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External Aids to Interpretation

Introduction Statutes framed by the legislature account for the maximum part of the laws of the country. However, the language in which these statutes are framed can often be perplexing and not easy to understand, especially in twisted cases. Interpretation …

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History of Company Law in India

Introduction The history of India has been discussed widely on different platforms by historians, scholars, analysts and researchers. Colonialism lasted for almost 200 years, and it left a wide impact on the country as well as its people. The economic …

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Law And Morality In Jurisprudence

Introduction For living peacefully in a society an individual follows various norms, conducts, values, rules, beliefs, etc. which tell how a person should behave in a society. It becomes important to create the difference between them in order to avoid …

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Difference Between Mischief And Cheating

Introduction Mischief and Cheating are criminal offenses against property and provisions related to them are dealt with under Chapter XVII of the Indian Penal Code, 1860. For a layman, mischief and cheating could seem identical. Mischief is commonly understood as …

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Difference Between Tort And Crime

Introduction Crime and tort come from a common root. Ancient lawmakers did not necessarily see a difference between tort and crime, and a victim during those times could pursue justice through a forerunner of either criminal law or tort law. …

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Fundamental Rules of Pleading

Introduction When a dispute arises between two people, be it about anything, it is preferable to resolve the dispute without having to approach the law for the same. Reason being, the courts work in a systematic way; in fact, the …

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Difference Between Robbery And Dacoity

Introduction Robbery and dacoity are classified as ‘offences against property’ under chapter XVII of the Indian Penal Code, 1860.  Although the terms ‘robbery’ and ‘dacoity’ are often used interchangeably on account of their inter-relatedness, there are considerable points of distinction …

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