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Greetings of the day!

You came to this page, this definitely means, you are looking for a perfect platform to promote your business.

In today’s cut-thrown competition, it is very difficult to be successful in business without having a proper marketing strategy.

So, in this process, you don’t need to choose your targeted audience and hence you don’t need to go to any Digital Marketing Expert to set up a perfect advertisement campaign for your business. Here you just have to choose a plan. Rest things will be done by ourselves.

Why to choose us?

Currently, we have –

  • 1,80,000+ page views per month.
  • 14700+ Facebook followers.
  • 10000+ Email List.
  • 15000+ Push notification subscribers.

Our Advertisements Plans are –

1. Pop-up Banner

pop up banner

Price – Rs. 6000/- per month

2. Header Banner

header banner

Price – Rs. 2500/- per month

3. In Article Banner

inarticle banner

Price – Rs. 3000/- per month

4. Sidebar Banner

sidebar banner

Price – Rs. 2000/- per month

5. Sticky Banner

sticky banner

Price – Rs. 7000/- per month

For any queries please feel free to write to us at or What’s App at +91 7602567752