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A Call To Ban Multi-Layered Marketing In India

Abstract This article will explain the concept of multi-layered marketing and its widespread popularity in India. Furthermore, it will explain why Multi-Layered Marketing or MLMs in short have become a bane rather than a boom. It gives its explanation on …

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Legal Issues And Regulations In E-Commerce

Introduction The electronic commerce (e-commerce) or e-commerce legal problems business in India has gone a long way since its inception and is fast expanding throughout the world. The sector has evolved, and many new firms have entered the market. India …

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Protection Of Internet Domain Name As Trademark

Introduction Information technology plays a vital role in the modern-day scenario for the development of the internet. Information technology can be considered as both boon and bane for companies as well as for individuals also. Various cyber-crimes happened on a …

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Limitations And Workarounds To Online Contracts

Introduction The living standard of people has been subject to large-scale technological advancements. In the present scenario, with the development of online medium, communication knows no bounds as it has surpassed all the geographical limitations to transfer the required information …

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