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Paternity Leave – An Equal Partnership in Nurturing

“Child care is the joint responsibility of both the parents. They must devote time to the new born to ensure its proper well-being.”  – Rajiv Satav, Member of Parliament, Maharashtra Introduction After the baby is born, the mother’s presence is …

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Operative Dimensions of ADR And GDR

Introduction Depository receipt is one of the important concepts to understand while pursuing company law. In the new aspects of company law, the aspects of depository receipts are clearly determined, and moreover, Section 41 of the Companies Act, 2013 describes …

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South China Sea Dispute – Nine Dash Line

Before understanding what is nine-dash line let’s understand why the south china sea is important internationally. South china sea is the marginal sea part of the western Pacific Ocean extending from Strait of Malacca in southeast to the Strait of …

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A Call To Ban Multi-Layered Marketing In India

Abstract This article will explain the concept of multi-layered marketing and its widespread popularity in India. Furthermore, it will explain why Multi-Layered Marketing or MLMs in short have become a bane rather than a boom. It gives its explanation on …

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