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Social Media- A Two Edge Knife

INTRODUCTION “The demi-world of social media is like the fun house of mirrors that one finds on carnival midways. In one reflection you are too fat, in another you are absurdly thin, in another reflection you appear to have an …

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Infringement Of Privacy Pertaining To Credentials Theft

The continuous curves of technology invented a sophisticated virtual world which moved mankind into an incomprehensible platform. The [1]Genesis of technology laws was drafted in the way back 1996 in United Nations soon after India enacted the same provisions in …

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Invoking Art. 226 By Adv R.S. Agrawal

In the decision of the case – Roshina T v. Abdul Azeez  & Others, delivered on December 3, 2018, Justice Abhay Manohar Sapre and Justice Indu Malhotra, have held at the Supreme Court, that the Kerala High Court ought to …

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