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Can A Property Transferred To An Unborn Person?

Generally, the property is transferred between two living persons, the person also includes company, firms, organizations, associations etc. But can a property transferred to an unborn person? What does the law speak about it? The object of the Transfer of …

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What is Private Member’s Bill?

Private Member’s Bill is a Bill introduced by a member who is not part of the government. Constitutionally India is a democratic country which follows a parliamentary system of government. A clear separation of power has been made between three …

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Procedure Of Filling Civil Suit In India

There is an in-depth procedure in the Code of Civil Procedure, for filing a civil case. However, if the procedure is not followed, then the “registry” has a right to dismiss the suit. So it is very important to follow …

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Rights of an advocate in India

Introduction According to the Advocates Act, 1961, only advocates are entitled to practice law. Every advocate whose name is entered on the state rolls has the statutory right to practice throughout the territories to which the Advocates Act 1961 extends. …

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