Difference Between Shares And Debentures

Meaning of Shares According to section 2(84) of the Indian companies act 2013, a ‘share’ means a share in the share capital of a company. Shares are the ownership capital that is held by the owners of the company. The …

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All About Prospectus of Company

Introduction The prospectus is an important document, related to the formation of the Company. A prospectus is a legal document through which the Public Company raises funds after its incorporation. Promoters play an important role in the making of the …

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Doctrine of Ultra Vires in Company Law

Definition of Ultra Vires: The term “Ultra Vires” originated from a Latin phrase meaning “beyond the power.” Actions beyond the corporate charter’s ambit or most appropriately beyond the predetermined power could be cited as ultra vires. Ultra vires acts shall …

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What Is Corporate Social Responsibility [CSR]?

INTRODUCTION In the corporate world before some amendments took place, one might think that corporations reflect the light only on economic factor but it is not true the performance of corporations reflect the light not only on economic factor but …

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Winding Up Of A Company Directed By Court

INTRODUCTION The process of a company’s dissolution is called winding up of a company. It is a process in which a company’s assets are collected and then sold in order to clear its debts. The company ceases to do its …

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