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Financial Relations Between Centre And State

Federalism in India The government of India is formed on the concept of federalism, which means that the centre of the government as well as its various constituent units shall enjoy the same power. India is a federation of 29 …

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Administrative Relations Between Central And State

Abstract The research paper is written in layman’s terms and is totally comprehensive in nature. The paper discusses the topic “Administrative Relations Between Central And State” in wholesome nature and is inclusive of Background, provisions and technicalities. The paper right …

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Borrowed Features Of Indian Constitution

Introduction The Constitution of India is one of the oldest and the bulkiest constitutions in the world. Indian constitution is a written document prepared by Dr. B.R. Ambedkar, Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru, J.P. Kripalani, Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, and other prominent personalities …

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Threats To Freedom Of Press

Introduction Recently, Reporters without Borders placed India at the 150th position among 180 nations in its World Press Freedom Index, 2022. It is important to discuss the constitutional scenario regarding the Freedom of Press, the scope of reasonable restrictions imposed …

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Golden Triangle of Indian Constitution

Indian Constitution In terms of sovereignty, the Constitution of India is the longest written Constitution, having 470 Articles, grouped into 25 Parts, along with 12 Schedules. That sounds like a lot of words, and a lot of laws, and since …

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Role of Judiciary in Federal System of Government

Introduction Depending on the nature of relationship between the Center and units, the governments can be classified into unitary and federal. In a unitary system, all power is bestowed on the Central government. In this kind of system, all powers …

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