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Transit Anticipatory Bail in Criminal Law

Introduction The code of criminal procedure nowhere defines the term transit anticipatory bail. However, by the virtue of the literal meanings of the terminologies Transit (movement), Anticipatory (about to happen), and Bail (temporary release), it can be defined as the bail being …

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Maintenance Under Section 125 of CrPC

Introduction Section 125 of CrPC is a means to provide a speedy, inexpensive and effective remedy against persons who refuse or neglect their duty to maintain persons dependent on them. The section discharges a social function in order to achieve …

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Double Jeopardy In India – An Analysis

Introduction The goal of any criminal justice system is to punish criminals for their wrongdoings and rehabilitate them in order to help them recover. Unnecessarily punishing and making life difficult for offenders is not the system’s goal. However, there are …

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Search, Seizure And Production Of Materials

For the purpose of any investigation, inquiry or trial, the production of things and documents is necessary, in respect of which search and seizure of property is effected. It is a general rule that the freedom and liberty of private …

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What is Anticipatory Bail?

Introduction The old Code of Criminal Procedure (amended over the years) did not contain any provision specifically dealing with Anticipatory Bail. The concept of Anticipatory Bail was first brought up by the 41st Law Commission Report of 1969. It was …

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