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Role of Judiciary in Environmental Protection

Introduction The prominent scholar Thomas Berry coined the term Earth Jurisprudence. The theory focuses on the determination of the legal rights of Nature and mother Earth. The concept of giving humanistic or personhood titles to nature is derived from this …

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Animal Rights In India – Legal Analysis

We have often seen animal abuse cases in social media posts that outrage people’s sentiments. These recorded incidents of animal abuse have been reported to the appropriate authorities. But several cases ended up unreported, and victims never get access to …

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The Indian Forest Act, 1927 – An Overview

Introduction The Indian Forest Act is a consolidation of laws relating to forests, which aims to regulate forest produce, and enumerates the duty leviable on timber and other forest produces. The Act was first passed in 1865 and hence amended …

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Public Trust Doctrine In Environmental Law

Introduction Public Trust Doctrine (PTD) is a doctrine that governs the management of natural resources and the environment. It is an ancient doctrine having its root in Roman law. It acts as a public property doctrine by limiting the government’s …

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Bhopal Gas Tragedy – Case Study And Legal Consequences

Introduction: The industrial manufacturing sector is pivotal for the buoyancy of the Indian economy. Since this production sector extended its hands to facilitate economic sustainability, it has branched with diversified industries indulged and engaged in manufacturing automobiles, pieces of machinery, …

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