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Supreme Court Guidelines On Medical Negligence

Introduction Medical Professionals in the eyes of Law Doctors are hailed as “real heroes”, “life saviours” and in the present circumstances, “corona warriors”, since doctors and medical staff have been working on the front lines of this pandemic, helping to …

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Right To Health – Recognition Of The Right

Health is Wealth is a golden saying. As we are experiencing the pandemic, we all have realized that more than money or any material object, our health is very precious. To lead a good lifestyle, it is very important to …

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Medical Negligence – Essentials & Liabilities

Introduction: Medical negligence is one of the most challenging and onerous negligence, it consists of various claims. The doctors and the medical practitioners are involves in the medical negligence. Based on the judgments given by the various court, it is …

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Effect Of Valid Adoption Under Hindu Law

Section 12 of the act lays down “An adopted child shall be deemed to be the  child of his or her adoptive father or mother for all purposes with effect from the date of adoption and from such date all …

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The Constitution Of India On Right To Health

Nutrition, health and education are the supplement for the robust growth of any country. Health is one of the quintessential factors for the development of a country as human development is inversely related to the socio-economic development of the country. …

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