Family Court Act 1984 – An Overview

Introduction The Family Court Act 1984 was enacted for the establishment of Family Courts with an aim to promote conciliation and speedy settlement of disagreement relating to marriage and family affairs and for related matters. The enactment of this Act …

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Gender Inequality In Hindu And Muslim Law In India

Introduction There are many different types of religions in India. India is a secular state with different morals, religions, languages, and beliefs. To provide justice to people with different personal beliefs there are set of laws. One of them is …

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Partition of Property Under Hindu Law

Introduction Partition means the end of joint status of Hindu undivided family. Partition of property bestows separate conferment of status and rights to the coparceners under Hindu law. Coparcener is a person who by birth has ancestral rights over the …

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Natural Guardian Under Hindu Law

INTRODUCTION In Ancient India there were no laws regarding guardianship of a child. It was only during the British era that laws of guardianship were evolved in courts. A guardian is a person who is formally appointed by the court …

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Inheritance Is Never In Abeyance – Explain

Introduction: In legal parlance, inheritance is the devolution of a deceased owner’s properties to his closed legal heirs. Such devolution will be predicated upon the testament, or with reference to the prescription of law, qua absence of the will. Therefore, …

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De Facto Guardian Under Hindu Law

INTRODUCTION According to the ‘Merriam Webster’s Dictionary, the English Meaning of the Word ‘Guardian’ means one who guards or takes care of person or property of another. Legally, Guardian means a person who is entrusted by law with the care …

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