Territorial Disputes Under International Law

Introduction The territory has always been the center of disputes. Back in history, the reason for all the wars fought among the rulers revolves around the seizure of territory. The mighty ones only focused on the expansion of territory. In …

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US Sanctions On The International Criminal Court

Introduction On June 11, 2020, president of the United States Donald Trump issued Executive order 13928 which was for blocking property of certain persons associated with the International Criminal Court means declaring a national emergency and authorizing asset freezes and …

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Subjects of International Law

Background For the smooth functioning of every society, there exists a framework of certain regulations according to which the society functions. These regulations are what is called the ‘laws’ of the society, and they confer certain rights and duties upon …

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Sources of International Law

Introduction In order to fully grasp ‘the sources of international law’, perhaps a definition of international law itself is warranted. International law in general was systematically developed for the promulgation of international humanitarian law post World War II.[1] It is …

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Territorial Sovereignty Under International Law

Introduction The theoretical discussion surrounding the concept of effectiveness and its definition show how effectiveness lies at the core of the existential and foundational questions of law of nations that are apparent if we consider one among the key legal …

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Asylum In International Law

INTRODUCTION The term asylum generally means, the protection granted to a foreign citizen against his own country by the state. The person who is granted the asylum has no legal rights to demand it, and there is no obligation on …

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Recognition Of A State Under International Law

Introduction International Law is also known as public international law and the law of nations is the set of rules, norms and standards generally accepted in relations between nations.[1] Usually, every country is termed as ‘State’ under international law. Under …

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