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External Aids to Interpretation

Introduction Statutes framed by the legislature account for the maximum part of the laws of the country. However, the language in which these statutes are framed can often be perplexing and not easy to understand, especially in twisted cases. Interpretation …

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Internal Aids To Interpretation

Introduction The statute is a set of guidelines for the individuals of a society. They are codified in nature. But sometimes, certain provisions seem to have more than one meaning. These meanings could be conflicting in nature. Hence, they serve …

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Golden Rule of Interpretation

It is no surprise that legal words and phrases can often be confusing and unclear, specially to a layman. The legal language consists of so many words that can be used in contexts unknown to the reader. As a matter …

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Doctrine of Harmonious Construction

Introduction The various statutes, or laws if we were to speak broadly, that we follow, are formulated in the legislature, but the responsibility of interpretation of the laws sometimes falls upon the judiciary. The need for interpretation of statutes may …

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All About Literal Rule of Interpretation

Introduction: “The essence of law lies in the spirit, not its letter, for the letter is significant only as being the external manifestation of the intention that underlies it” – Salmond The term “interpretation” comes from the Latin word “interpretari,” …

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All About Interpretation Of Statutes

Meaning of Interpretation of Statutes The term has been derived from the Latin word ‘ Interpretari” which means to explain, expound, understand, or to translate and to discovering the true meaning of the language which has been vested in the …

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