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Philosophical School of Jurisprudence

Jurisprudence – Definitions and Meaning The term ‘Jurisprudence’ is the English derivation of the Latin term ‘Jurisprudentia’. The Latin term means the study, knowledge or skill with respect to law. Over time, several definitions of the concept of Jurisprudence have …

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Difference Between Ownership And Possession

Introduction The idea of property has existed simultaneously with humans. From early ages to the modern period, human beings have identified property as something owned exclusively by them. This notion of property went on to mean tangible and intangible, movable …

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Law And Morality In Jurisprudence

Introduction For living peacefully in a society an individual follows various norms, conducts, values, rules, beliefs, etc. which tell how a person should behave in a society. It becomes important to create the difference between them in order to avoid …

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Custom As A Source of Law

Introduction Custom is the widely accepted pattern of conduct, followed by the majority of the people from time immemorial. The word custom is perceived to be emanated from the French word ‘Coustume’. There are additional inklings on the origination of …

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Realist School Of Jurisprudence

Introduction Jurisprudence is the law’s eye; it provides the law with an understanding of the world in which it operates. To put it another way, it’s a way of connecting the law to its time and place, and the more …

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Legislation As A Source Of Law

Introduction The term “legislation” refers to the act of making laws. “Legis” means law, and “Latum” means making, hence it implies lawmaking. Legislation is the way of making laws in which the competent authority is responsible for drafting and enacting …

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Development of Legal Profession in India

Introduction The legal profession is an important branch of the administration of justice mechanism. Without a well-organized legal profession, the courts would not be in a position to administer justice effectively, as the evidence for or against the parties to …

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Analytical School of Jurisprudence

Introduction Analytical school of Jurisprudence is often referred to as ‘Austenian School’ or ‘Positivist School’. It is referred to as the positivist school because the exponents of the analytical school of jurisprudence are not concerned with the past or the …

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Sociological School of Jurisprudence

Introduction The word ‘Jurisprudence’ is derived from ‘Juris Prudentia’. It is a Latin term that means science, study or knowledge of law. The meaning of jurisprudence has been changing over time and has been stirring controversy amongst some scholars. Irrespective …

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