Legislation As A Source Of Law

Introduction The term “legislation” refers to the act of making laws. “Legis” means law, and “Latum” means making, hence it implies lawmaking. Legislation is the way of making laws in which the competent authority is responsible for drafting and enacting …

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Development of Legal Profession in India

Introduction The legal profession is an important branch of the administration of justice mechanism. Without a well-organized legal profession, the courts would not be in a position to administer justice effectively, as the evidence for or against the parties to …

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Analytical School of Jurisprudence

Introduction Analytical school of Jurisprudence is often referred to as ‘Austenian School’ or ‘Positivist School’. It is referred to as the positivist school because the exponents of the analytical school of jurisprudence are not concerned with the past or the …

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Sociological School of Jurisprudence

Introduction The word ‘Jurisprudence’ is derived from ‘Juris Prudentia’. It is a Latin term that means science, study or knowledge of law. The meaning of jurisprudence has been changing over time and has been stirring controversy amongst some scholars. Irrespective …

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Historical School of Jurisprudence

Introduction:  In common parlance, the word jurisprudence avowed to be the ‘knowledge of the law’ qua it was derived from the Latin word ‘Juris prudentia’. But it has a broader connotation at times, as it must be considered beyond a …

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Natural Law Theory – An Overview

Natural law is the law that state that human by nature reason a lot. It is a philosophical theory that believes humans have certain rights and moral values that are inherent to them. Natural law is professed to be a …

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