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Difference Between Tort And Crime

Introduction Crime and tort come from a common root. Ancient lawmakers did not necessarily see a difference between tort and crime, and a victim during those times could pursue justice through a forerunner of either criminal law or tort law. …

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Inevitable Accident in Tort

Introduction The French term ‘tort’ is the equivalent of the English word ‘wrong’ as well as the Roman term ‘delict.’ Tort comes from the Latin term ‘tortum,’ which implies twisted or crooked. Tortuous liability emerges from the breach of a …

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Doctrine of Respondeat Superior

Introduction Liability forms the focal point of Civil Law. According to Salmond, ‘liability is the bond of necessity that exists between the wrongdoer and the remedy of the wrong’. Liability is often bifurcated into various kinds. In civil proceedings, liability can …

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Pigeon Hole Theory Under Law of Tort

Introduction The argument or debate encircling whether it is the law of ‘tort’ or the law of ‘torts’ seems to be unsettled and never ending. This may seem like a pointless debate over the use of the letter ‘s’, but …

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Volenti Non Fit Injuria

Introduction Normally, when a person suffers an injury at the expense of someone else’s lack of care or breach of duty, the person who displays such breach of duty is liable to pay damages to the victim. Volenti Non Fit …

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