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Maintenance Of Wife Under Muslim Law

Introduction The husband’s obligation to maintain his wife arises in the following two circumstances: On account of status arising out of a valid marriage, and On account of pre-nuptial agreement entered into between the parties to the marriage, or between …

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Classification Of Guardianship Under Muslim Law

Introduction Guardianship Under Muslim Law are categorized under the three heads namely: (1) Natural guardians (2) Testamentary guardians (3) Guardians appointed by the court. (1) Natural Guardians – In all schools of both Shia and Sunni father is recognized as …

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Revocation Of Gifts Under Muslim Law

Introduction Gift under Muslim Law once done is final and irrevocable, it cannot be taken back by the donor from the donee. Gift under Muslim Law is called HIBA. It means declaration by the donor to the donee that he/she …

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Difference Between Dower And Dowry

Before the independence of India, there was a system of Kanyasulkam throughout the country, whereby the bridegroom had to pay a certain sum of money to the father of the bride in getting marriage. This was quite similar to the …

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Difference between Mahr And Dowry

In India, the topic of Muslim marriages is governed by an unwritten or uncodified set of rules. These rules or law are said to have been derived from the readings and interpretations of the Holy Quran. Even though they do …

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