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Punishment For Domestic Violence In India

Introduction Protection of women is neither a novice need nor a mere national issue. A number of international Conventions have also recognized the need to protect women. For instance, the Vienna Accord (1994), the Beijing Declaration and the Platform for …

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Misuse Of Gender Laws By Women

“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice system everywhere. Whatever affects one directly, affects all indirectly”. – Martin Luther King Jr. Recently, two law students have knocked on the doors of the Supreme Court seeking to reexamine the laws for …

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All About Gender Justice

Introduction The Constitution of India is made under the basic foundation of social justice and one of the factor ingredients is gender justice, which can also be termed for human rights for women, children’s and third gender. The Universal Declaration …

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Gender Inequality In Hindu And Muslim Law In India

Introduction There are many different types of religions in India. India is a secular state with different morals, religions, languages, and beliefs. To provide justice to people with different personal beliefs there are set of laws. One of them is …

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Harassment Of Women In Digital Space

Introduction “Woman, you are strong as earth and are on a very high pedestal. Protect the world from path of vices and violence”.- Yajurveda 13.18 These are the lines from one of the prominent ancient Vedas where women are portrayed …

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Women’s Right To Property In India

Introduction Indian society is typically patriarchal and misogynistic when it comes to the ‘women’s right to property’. Women are denied their share in ancestral and marital property and kept in the dark from finance-related issues. It is parochially avowed that …

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Uniform Civil Code Towards Gender Justice

INTRODUCTION The Constitution of India recognises the right to equality as its core principle of Fundamental Rights. Yet, there exists a huge gap between the rights of men and women in personal laws. Due to which even after the adoption …

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