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Is Call Recording Legal in India?

Introduction We witnessed tremendous advancement in technology in the past few decades and the features of the call recording are one such invention. Call recording was initially introduced for businesses where companies collect audio conversations to drive better customer experiences, …

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Summery of the COFEPOSA Act, 1974

What is COFEPOSA Act On December 13, 1974, the Parliament passed the Conservation of Foreign Exchange and Prevention of Smuggling Activities or COFEPOSA Act, which gave the broad executive authority to detain anyone if there is suspicion that they are …

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How To Cancel Power Of Attorney?

Introduction As our daily lives busier and more complex, we tend to depend on other people for several tasks. In the contemporary world, this has become a norm. We depend on other people to act on our behalf, whether professionally …

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Doctrine Of Priority In Property Law

The right to property[1] was a fundamental right under Article 31 of the Indian Constitution since the independence of India. The nation witnessed havoc during the national emergency in 1975, where the 1st woman Prime Minister of India attempted to …

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