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What Is A First Information Report (FIR)?

First Information Report, abbreviated FIR, is a written document recording the instance of the commission of a cognisable crime. The FIR is recorded by the police as and when they receive the information and any action by the law enforcement …

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What Are The Powers of Traffic Official?

Introduction: As a wise man once said, roads of a country indicate its development. The Indian road network is the second largest[1] road network in the world, only after that of the United States. This vast network needs to be …

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Police Encounter Rules in India

Today the police encounter has become one of the threats among criminals as well as to society. There are many reasons behind the encounter, sometimes encounter are done in the good faith or private defence of the police officials and …

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How To Make Complaint Against Police?

The Khaki is an inseparable part of our society. They are the part and parcel of our societal structure. The Policeman not only looks after law and order but also maintains peace by protecting the individual lives and property. The …

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