An Interview with Dr. Ambika R Nair [Senior Assistant Professor at VIT School of Law, Chennai]

DR AMBIKA R NAIR, a Law Faculty is an alumnus of Dr Ambedkar Govt. Law College, Pondicherry. Dr Ambika R Nair has a doctoral degree from Pondicherry University on Administrative Law. Initially Dr Ambika practiced as an Advocate in the Pondicherry District Court and is having more than 13 years of teaching experience both in UG and PG. Currently Dr Ambika R Nair is working in VIT Law School Chennai as Assistant Professor Senior Grade II. Dr Ambika R Nair possesses both Administrative and Academic experience in various field and held post in different Examination Board as well.  Dr Ambika chaired few conferences and is always active in invited talks by various Universities, Colleges, NGOs etc. With various interdisciplinary research conducted, Dr Ambika has authored many International and National research papers and also authored a book. Dr Ambika received two awards for her sterling social services. Areas like Labour economics, women and Law, Technology and Law and Global Administrative Law are her key areas of research interest. She always motivate students to do research and publish papers. Dr Ambika is married to a Pondicherry based Advocate and mother of two daughters.

1. Hello Madam, Please Tell Us Something About Yourself to Our Readers.

I quote myself passionately as a lawyer, but I am currently working as an Assistant Professor (Senior) in the VIT School of Law, Chennai. Even though I belong to a small but beautiful town in Kerala, Mahe (Mayyazhi), majority of my life was spent in Pondicherry. My education as an Under graduate student to Doctorate Degree holder was completed from Dr Ambedkar Government Law College Pondicherry and Pondicherry University respectively. My subject specialization is on Labour Law and Administrative Law. My areas of interests are Labour Economics, Women and Law, Technology and Law and Global Administrative Law

2. What Inspired You to Choose Law as Your Career?

Law is an independent and respectable profession and directly related to the societal needs; it is spanned across every sphere of life. We can contribute and dedicate our self to the society by reaching out on to various aspects relating to social issues and commitments when we are taking the path of Law.

3. Tell us a bit about your Law School Journey.

During my academic period, Dr Ambedkar Govt. Law college Pondicherry was one of the best law colleges, the campus library is a treasure chest of knowledge with lot of references. My Professors being incomparable were the best in their profession. They have molded me to have a diverse vision about the future perspective on law, research and to be a better social being.

4. Which Areas of The Law Fascinated You the Most as A Law Student?

Legal Theory (Jurisprudence) is one my favorite subjects. Labour law and Administrative Law are my other beloved subjects

5. How important do you think mooting or any co-curricular activity is in shaping one’s future career in law?

Mooting is very important for a law student because it gives self-confidence and gradually help the students acquire a skill based on rigorous research analysis and logical reasoning to tackle any legal problem.

Other than mooting the students should develop the habit of making research publications, participate in debate, seminars, conferences etc. Now a days many law schools including VIT, made it mandatory for the students to undertake internship programs throughout their academic period.

6. Tell Us About Your LL.M and PhD Experience at Dr. Ambedkar Govt. Law College, Pondicherry University, Pondicherry.

Professors during my LLM and Ph.D were real Legal Luminaries. Their teaching ignited within us a thrust to learn and a passion to acquire more knowledge. As mentioned before, we were blessed with an exceptional library facility which always developed an interest within us to read. Reading and research during those periods were a part of my routine.

7. If You Could List Out 5 Activities Which on A Scale of Priority, Should Be at The Top in Any Law Student’s School-Life, What Would Those Be?

Reading, Mooting, Debate, Research Publications and Internship.

8. How Did You Decide to Go into Academics?

Teaching is a noble profession, during my LLM, I have decided to be a teacher. Teaching is sharing and learning.

9. When Would You Say That an Academician Is Successful?

When we see that our students are becoming successful by choosing their right career path thereby developing themselves and contributing to the society.

10. When Would You Say A Legal Academician Is Ready to Start Writing Books?

After teaching and thoroughly researching on a particular area, if the academician finds that there is a niche area that has a research gap, it has to be addressed, worked upon and written down.

11. The Best Experience and Success Habit You Would Like to Share with Law Students to Encourage Them.

There are no short cuts for success, especially in legal profession. Identify your skills; focus on your area of interest and show case it. Develop your CV to suit your passion. Participate in activities which are related to your skill and passion and take up internship accordingly. To Further add, do publications, participate in seminars, workshops and conferences, which will encourage you and build up your self-confidence.

12. Lastly, What Would Be Your Message to People Who Want to Take Up A Career in Teaching?

Even though it is a career, rather than taking it as a profession take it as a passion. Teachers have always been and will be the role models for the future generation. By teaching we are learning.

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