An Interview with Shivangi Sinha (Assistant Professor at New Law College, Pune, Maharashtra)

1. Hello Madam, Please Tell Us Something About Yourself to Our Readers.

Hello to all the Readers!!

My name is Ms. Shivangi Sinha. Originally, I hail from a town named Ranchi, in Jharkhand. I did my schooling from Ranchi itself (i.e from Bishop Westcott Girl’s School, Doranda & DPS, Ranchi). For my further studies  I moved to Bhuvneshwar, and completed by graduation in BBA LLB ( Corporate Law Honors) from KIIT Law School, KIIT University in the year 2015. Further, I pursued my Post – Graduation (LLM, Masters in Corporate Law) from National Law University of Study & Research in Law, Ranchi (NUSRL) in the year 2016. Furthermore, I cleared my All India Bar Council Examination in the consecutive year and started practicing at Jharkhand High Court, and also got associated with the Jharkhand State Bar Council in knowledge and learning prospects.

Furthermore, after 8 months of practice in the matters related to Civil, Criminal etc, I moved to Pune Maharashtra after my marriage, where I joined a renowned institution named Bharati Vidyapeeth (Deemed to Be University), New Law College. I currently work as an Assistant Professor in this college, from past 2 years. I am also the faculty coordinator of a cell named Madhyasthta-The ADR Cell of this college. Presently, I am pursuing my Ph. D. from the same college itself in the field of Arbitration & Corporate Laws. Apart from this I am interested in doing researches in various aspects of law and writing about the same. Moreover, I am also associated with various other organization which works in the different aspects of law & research.

Looking into other facets apart from academics I hold a graduation degree in “Kathak”, & training in “Bharat Natyam”, our famous classical dance forms. Playing musical instruments, public speaking, reading, giving stage shows are included in my extra- circular activities.

2. What Inspired You to Choose Law as Your Career?

Well, to be very honest initially I never thought to pursue my career in the field of law. But eventually when the time circled down to think about my future prospects, I did some research and concluded towards a fact that my skill sets and my interests are somewhere inclined in this field. I would also like to mention that my parents especially my father was one of the major focus or rather I would say a guiding light to make my prospects clear which landed up as taking law as my main domain, coming from totally a non-law background, today when I turn around I feel it was one of the best decision of my life.

3. You Completed Your BBA. LL.B from KIIT Law School and LL.M from National University of Study & Research in Law, Ranchi. Please, Tell Us About Your Law School Journey.

Speaking about my journey I will mention that one thing which was constant with me was “learning”. I feel I have developed myself with each passing years of my college, since I was also involved in various other extra circular activities such as when we count on the academics role play in the form of Moot, Debate Competition, Article Writing etc, or any cultural activities such as Dance, organizing various events, I can say that those 5+1 years were the best days of my life as I grew professionally and personally as well.

One thing which was a major “take away” from those delightful years of my college was “Live in the Moment”. I got an amazing experience of being a part of a Deemed University as well as one of the National Law University, which helped me to groom myself both internally and externally.

4. How important do you think mooting or any co-curricular activity is in shaping one’s future career in law?

Academics is one of the major aspects of each and everyone’s life. It is like a cornerstone which is vital for us to move ahead for all the professional steps we take. But at the same time if I have an opportunity to put forth my views I would say “co-curricular activity” is that stage or prospects in one’s life where a person can actually apply the theory and put it into practical use which he/she will eventually do once they enter into a real world. So actually it’s like an afore experience which everyone should avail in their academic life, and make smart choices ahead.

5. What Kind of Internships Did You Do While You Were A Student? Any Remarkable Experiences During Your Internships That Shaped Your Career Choices Later?

Talking about Internships, since it is a work experience actually before our career flinches, I think it is one of that routes of life where a person can actually get to know about the field in which their interest lies. For me I have interned under various organizations which includes NGO, Law Firm, PSU’s, under various Advocates Chamber, Courts etc.

My Internship which I did under the Steel Authority of India Ltd (Delhi), can be considered as one of the remarkable experience because it was a recoil for me to develop my interest in the field of ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution). However, I always made it a point to have at least some take away from my internships, so I also tried to choose it incisively, therefore, I can say that all my internships taught me various attributes of law somewhere or the other.

6. Any Important Things Which Law School Didn’t Teach You But ‘Teaching’ Did?

Yes, keeping myself more updated with every passing day. I think being a student or rather staying on the other side of the table one can skip reading even before lectures. But when you are on the different side, things also become different. I feel I have started learning more and keeping myself updated at a much larger angel which was not a scenario few years back. Moreover, we learn a lot from our students as well, everyone has a different perspective of thinking probably for a same thing which can be an add on advantage to set up our knowledge and skills as well.

7. At Present, Along with Teaching at New Law College, Bharati Vidyapeeth University, Pune, You Are A Doctoral Candidate at New Law College, Bharati Vidyapeeth University. How Did You Balance Teaching with PhD?

For this, I would first like to thank my Principal I/C Dr. Bhagyashree Deshpande Ma’am along with the whole management of my University and college, who is very supportive and always helps not only me but every person associated with them to let have a very smooth balance between the academic’s role and any other responsibilities which one holds.

8. The Best Experience and Success Habit You Would Like to Share with Law Students to Encourage Them.

Be regular, updated, learn & grow with each passing moments of life and the study we do. Though very naïve words, yet have a remarkable experience in everyone’s life.

9. Lastly, What Would Be Your Message to People Who Want to Take Up A Career in Teaching?

Though my first career opportunity started with litigation which is a very noble profession in itself, but I do have an academic’s background running in my family. And now at present, I am the part of the same prestigious profession. In my view this is one kind of profession which is sui- generis in itself, and eventually influences the tomorrow’s leaders. Right from teaching ethical values it helps to shape one’s self and inspire people to succeed in life.

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