An Interview with Shrawani Shagun (Assistant Professor of Law at Mody University of Science and Technology, Rajasthan)

1. Hello Madam, Please Tell Us Something About Yourself to Our Readers.

This is the most difficult question I always find to answer. I am Shrawani Shagun and hail from the land well known for its Painting, Madhubani. I am presently working as an Assistant Professor of law at Mody University of science and technology, Rajasthan. Before Joining Academics I have worked as independent researcher and teachings students, Pro-bono. I did my B.B.A.LL.B with distinction from ICFAI University, Dehradun and was awarded with the Gold medal for securing first position with the highest cgpa for five years. After that I pursued LL.M from University of Delhi and Qualified NET twice and JRF with 99.9 percentile.

2. How Did You Gravitate Towards Law? Why Law and Not Engineering or Medical Studies?

Law of attraction! My mother always told me story that from the age of 1.5 yr. old, I always used to say that I want to become “Jug” when someone would ask me about what do I want to become. Time passed, from ‘Jug’ I corrected myself to ‘Judge’ but my passion for law never diluted. Thought for Medical Studies or Engineering never knocked to my mind as I always was focused for Law and nothing else.

3. You Completed Your B.B.A LL.B from ICFAI University, and LL.M from Delhi University. Please, Tell Us About Your Law School Journey and Experience.

The Journey from ICFAI to Delhi University has an effect on me by turning me from an introvert to an extrovert, from me being good listener to good speaker, from being Kitabi keeda to understanding the legal development in contemporary time. While I was pursing undergraduate, my focus was on books, only and the exams. Aim was to get highest marks in each semester which I got and to maintain the scholarship for 5 years. When I came for LL.M, the upsurge of legal acumen in the faculty was enough to shake and challenge the restricted knowledge of nebulous legal field. It would not be correct to say that I was Hapless, by any way but it was time to identify and work on the frailties that may have an effect of holding me back. Talking about my journey at Delhi University would be incomplete if I don’t make mention of the hostel where I stayed for 1.5 years, University Hostel for Women. Getting University Hostel is really tough task and highly tiresome process but I was lucky to get the best hostel. There I met many people who influence me and my thought process, one being Prof. Tanuja Aggrawala. The journey at both my Alma mater has contributed immensely and shaped my overall personality.

4. What areas of law fascinated you the most?

Constitutional Law being the Grundnorm will always be my favourite and it fascinates me the most the way it is inculcating changes and development within its purview of guaranteed rights. Also, International law, Jurisprudence, Intellectual Property Rights and Human Rights are the subjects fascinate me a lot because of its relevance and multifold application in recent times.

5. How important do you think mooting or any co-curricular activity is in shaping one’s future career in law?

A lot. I believe in order to have better understanding of any provision of law we need to have perspective from both sides, positive and negative. And to have clearer perspective it is important to learn from the opinions of other and there cannot be better platform than Debates, Moot-courts or Conference. It helps in shaping the mind, develops argumentative skills and provide base for good research. So, students must start participating from earlier years of their law colleges.

6. What Was Your Topic of Research for LL.M? Why Did You Choose That Subject for Research?

WTO.  As I said International law fascinates me a lot. My inclination towards International law develops while I was Pursuing my LL.M. Economy is important for the development of any country and for that international trade plays an important role. I find WTO very intriguing topic to research upon to understand the functioning of WTO in balancing the conflicting interest of Nations.

7. What should be the prime concern of a law student?

I believe Understanding the subject, clarity on the legal point and continuous developing the horizon of understanding must always be prime concern rather than memorising the law without understanding. Goal should always be clear what are they going to do after Law and they should work in that direction from very start. I always encourage my students to question and to develop curiosity for the law as it would ultimately benefit them if they have quest to learn.

8. Where Do You See Yourself Five Years from Now?

Future is unpredictable! I still am a step away from where I wanted to see myself today, five years ago. However, I am sure about one thing I shall be contributing in the field of Law, Professionally and personally for my Life. I enjoy teaching the most as I feel like student of law everyday while interacting with the students.  I am not sure to carry teaching as my profession always but pro-bono I will always be an academician as there is more scope to do innovative things with the students beyond the decided syllabus.

9. The best experience and success habit you would like to share with law students to encourage them.

Let go anything that holds you back and keep chasing your dream. Sooner or later you will get you are destined for. Have a hobby and work on it. Develop habit of reading and discussing, develop your own opinions, never be too radical on any point, always be ready to learn and understand others opinion without getting influenced.

There are many experiences that is worth talking about but one experience that is recent (not that recent though!) and I believe it as one of the joyous moment for me and my family, I would like share. I appeared for CLAT-2018 for the PSUs and I am sure people know how catastrophic and calamitous it was. Despite of acknowledgment of technical glitches by the authorities, there was no retest. Finally, in 2019 they change the mode of exam and pattern and I appeared for it and secured AIR-4. This was one of the best moments. I appeared for the exam while I was working as an Assistant Professor and honestly speaking I had no time to study for it. A day before my exam I was sitting with two minds that whether it is even worth going for the exam or should I take rest as we get only Sunday as holiday. I appeared in exam and I was satisfied with the exam. The credit to my success goes to my continuous habit of reading and discussing recent updates of law with students. So,  Read and stay positive.

10. Lastly, what final piece of advice do you want to pass on to the readers of the Law Corner?

I believe all Lawyers (law students) are Engineers, Social Engineers. To be successful one need to be updated with the recent happenings and develop insight at the earlier stage. One’s thought, ideology may become redundant if not in touch with the development of society. So, my only suggestion is to read articles, blogs and interviews that ultimately will impact on shaping overall personality.

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