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Collegium System And Its Functioning In India

The Latest argument held on the transfer of Chief Justice of Madras High court Vijaya Kamlesh Tahilramani to High court of Meghalaya and her consequent resignation. First of all we should aware of the collegium system, what is it. The …

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Is State Allowed To Make Special Provisions?

Recently Union Cabinet took the big decision of providing 10% reservation to the economically backward people of the general category in jobs and the higher education. Providing reservation jobs with respect to the government jobs and in higher education with …

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Grounds For Nullity Of Marriage In India

INTRODUCTION Marriage, whether it is considered as a contract or sacrament, confers a status of husband and wife on the parties to the marriage, legitimacy on the children born out the wedlock of marriage and gives rise to certain spousal …

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What Are The Contents Of Jurisprudence

INTRODUCTION Before starting with everything are the contents of jurisprudence I would like to throw light on the meaning and definition of jurisprudence, 1. what is jurisprudence? 2. what is its relevancy in law? 3.why is it important? Read: EVOLUTION …

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Article 21 : An Expansive Interpretation

INTRODUCTION: Article 21 of the Indian Constitution says that: ”NO PERSON SHALL BE DEPRIVED OF HIS LIFE OR PERSONAL LIBERTY EXCEPT ACCORDING TO THE PROCEDURE ESTABLISHED BY LAW.” Right to life and personal liberty incorporated in article 21 has a …

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Characteristics Of Insurance

In the words of JUSTICE CHANNELL ”Insurance is a contract whereby one person called the insurer, undertakes in return for the agreed consideration called premium to pay to another person called the insured a sum of money or its equivalent …

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Disclosures Under Corporate Law

Corporate or Corporation is derived from a Latin term “corpus” which indicates a “body”. Governance indicates directing the procedures and frameworks put for fulfilling partner wish. As the change of nature, with the ever-changing business environment, the way in which …

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When Fundamental Rights are Suspended ?

The Constitution of India has guaranteed the fundamental rights to its citizens, these are the rights which are deemed essential to protect the right and liberty of individuals against the encroachments of the power delegated by them to their government. …

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