Is FIR Necessary to Find Your Lost Phone Back?

In nowadays world, cell phones have grown to be the centre of absolutely everyone’s lives. One’s complete existence is documented on the cell smartphone as it includes one’s private pix, contacts, financial institution info, browsing history, non-public emails, phone logs and almost other private statistics. With the growing significance of cellular telephones, the handset has come to be a treasured item specially in phrases of the personal statistics or data saved in it and because of this, the mobile phone theft has end up a serious hassle. The theft of cell phone may be a nightmare for absolutely everyone. So, allow us to examine one of a kind steps with which you may locate your misplaced telephone.

Step by Step Procedures to get your stolen telephone back

Step 1. Gather the Required Information

Certain facts are required in the system of locating your telephone again. You are recommended to accumulate this following info of your phone ahead by way of searching up the packaging/invoice/assurance card/other documents regarding your cellular cell phone:

  • Make and model of the mobile
  • IMEI /PUC number
  • Your telephone quantity
  • The description of when and in which you lost it
  • Your suspicions (if any) of absolutely everyone who ought to have stolen it.

Step 2. Get your SIM deactivated

This is a step which can be taken after filing the FIR or it could be completed at once. The benefit of anticipating a while before you deactivate your smartphone is that during case your telephone is inside the hand of an sincere individual, they will attempt to touch a person from your telephone listing to tell you that they have got your phone.

And if you are suspicious about the finder of your cellphone and need to disregard any case of mishappenings or in case you have waited for a reasonable time, you could initiate the system of deactivating your variety by way of contacting your respective service provider so that all of us who has stolen it will no longer be able to use to make calls. It is a simple process wherein the client representative of your provider company will ask certain details of yours on the way to guarantee him about your identity because the person. And you can also take a look at if there are any calls been made, this may help you in tracking down the whereabouts of your smartphone.

Step 3. Protect your statistics

If In case your cellular telephone has facts synced with online programs like Gmail, Google Contacts, Google Calendar and so on., it is clever to trade your password at once in order that your records that may comprise your non-public pictures, contacts, financial institution details, surfing history, personal emails, smartphone logs and different private facts.

Step 4. Report to Police

It is very vital to document the matter to the Police as your mobile may be misused by means of a person else and may cause extreme effects. So you could observe the following techniques while you realize that you don’t have your cellular phone:

1. In case of Theft

If you observed that your cellular phone has been stolen with the aid of a person you then ought to go to the police station nearest to the place where the smartphone became stolen and get an FIR registered to document the robbery.

How to file an FIR

  • You want to go to any close by police station wherein you had your smartphone with you remaining time.
  • Tell the police officer to check in the FIR for a stolen cellular telephone underneath Section 154 of CrPC.
  • Tell the info of your smartphone just like the color and version of the phone, IMEI variety of the phone.
  • The names of the witnesses, if there have been any witnesses gift at the region where you misplaced your phone.
  • After filing the FIR, you must not neglect to take the copy of FIR so you can song the placement of the FIR afterwards.

How to keep song on the progress of your Complain

As in line with the advisory issued by Ministry of Home Affairs on Mandatory Registration of FIR for Stolen Mobile Phones on 23-July-2014, these steps had to be observed via the investigating officer all through the technique of investigation. One can maintain a tune on the implementation of those steps. The Guidelines are:

  • The Investigating Officer need to make vital efforts to track and get better the stolen cell phones.
  • He should contact the provider carriers for ascertaining the user details of the variety on which the handset is activated subsequent to this theft.
  • Should visit the cope with noted inside the subscriber shape.
  • As the technical expertise relating IMEI wide variety of a stolen mobile smartphone that’s to be had only with the service companies and the worried officer have to initiate necessary comply with-up of a painstaking type with the carrier providers to experiment and paintings upon the IMEI numbers of stolen phones with a purpose to trace them.
  • Zonal Integrated Police Network (ZIPNET) has been provided which incorporates the info (IMEI numbers) of lost/stolen cellular handsets. The police need to register the details on the ZIPNET platform for you to prevent the purchasing of the pre-owned cell cellphone.

What to do while the police refuse to document F.I.R?

As consistent with an advisory issued by using the center to the states and union territories on 5 Feb 2014, registration of FIR for a stolen cell cellphone is obligatory underneath Section 154 of CrPC. When the police refuses to sign up the records or FIR of the stolen mobile cellphone, any man or woman aggrieved by means of such refusal may also ship in writing and via publish, the substance of such information disclosing a cognizable offence, to the Superintendent of Police below section 154(three) or to the Magistrate involved underneath segment 156(3) of the CrPC.

1. In case of misplaced or lost phone

If you think that your cellular cellphone changed into misplaced or out of place you must go to the police station nearest to the vicinity where the telephone became out of place or misplaced and get a Daily Diary Report (DDR) registered. A FIR is filed in cases of cognizable offenses, i.E. Crimes of great nature even as in cases of non-cognizable offenses a DDR may be registered. The DDR can act as proof of your bona fides (properly purpose) in case the lost telephone is misused.

Mobile misplaced grievance letter to police:


abc… (Applicant Name)

xyz …(your touch address)

123456…(your touch cell number/Phone number)

Abc@your.Mail…(your e mail identity.)



The Police Officer In price

Address ( Local Police station)

Respected Sir,

Sub. : Loss of my  _____________(mention your lost cellphone and Number)

While touring from _______(location) to __________(region) by bus/ train/ stroll I even have misplaced my telephone __________ bearing No.____________ together with (call different documents if any) a few where.  (If you have any concept or risk of loss at an approximate place, you can point out the equal for your utility). Sir, to avoid any misuse of my above ___________ I are trying to find your help and request you to kindly check in my F.I.R inside the difficulty count.

For your ready reference I enclose herewith

(a) info of smartphone, IMEI variety of cellphone ____________

(b) reproduction of ______________ as I.D evidence.

Hope you may do the needful favorably on the earliest.

Thanks and regards

Yours Sincerely

____________(your signature)

____________(your Name)

Register Online Police Complaint

Mobile misplaced FIR Online/Mobile lost criticism online:

Nowadays many States offer the facilities for on-line grievance in which you need to sign in your FIR online which requires the info like your IMEI wide variety, your e-mail identification, lively cell range, address and other associated information required inside the manner of research. This manner is advanced to ease the manner and to construct the agree with of the citizens inside the police and it additionally makes the whole system efficient. One can sincerely visit their respective reputable web sites of the Police Department and that they want to get themselves sign in there and after the registration is done, you can actually record the criticism.

How to Register Online Complaint in Delhi

Step 1: Go to Delhi Police Official internet site.

Step 2: Click on ‘Lost & Found’ options- Multiple alternatives will appear on the homepage like helpline no., misplaced report, Women safety app, Police clearance certificates, Character verification document. For online FIR registration click on on ‘Lost & Found’ choice, inside the center of the page.

Step 3: Go for registration- After going in the ‘Lost Article Report’, four alternatives will appear – 1. Retrieve 2. Register 3. Search discovered articles 4. FAQ. Select the second option ‘Register’.

Step four: Fill the registration form- A new web page will open, in which you need to fill up the blanks together with your private information as well as your lost article’s details. The following options can be there-

  • Complainant’s Name- Fill the call of the person who desires to hotel the E-FIR.
  • Father’s/Mother’s Name- Fill the complainant’s parents name.
  • Complainant’s Address- Where the complainant is residing (Required complete deal with).
  • Complainant’s Mobile quantity- Complainant’s operating mobile range.
  • Complainant’s e-mail ID– it is going to be wished due to the fact a copy of your e-FIR will be despatched to you thru e-mail for verification.
  • Place of Loss in Delhi- Fill the particular details about wherein your article became lost in Delhi.
  • Date of Loss- Fill the date on which you lost your smartphone.
  • Time of Loss- If you remembered the time of loss then fill it. However, it isn’t mandatory.
  • Lost Articles- Fill the name of the thing you have got misplaced.
  • Description- The basic info of the lost article.
  • ADD- by using clicking on ADD the info may be connected to the record.
  • Any Other Details- Any other precise detail you need to spotlight then fill it on this blank.
  • Enter captcha code- Fill the Code given after all of the above info.

Step five: Submit the information- Recheck all the information and then click ‘Submit’ button.

Step 6: Receive the hard copy- Now check your email ID, where you’ll receive a replica of your e-FIR in PDF form. Take the printout of that document.

How to get the telephone again after it is recovered by the police?

After recuperating the stolen property, police post the assets to the court. The item in custody of courtroom is referred to as as “MUDDEMAL” and a good way to recover your Phone, you want to file an Application for Return of Property under Section 451 of the CRPC before the Magistrate Court underneath which the concerned Police Station is said to. You will ought to provide the required documents just like the Bill of the Phone and you may be required to seem earlier than the court docket for identification and once your identification is over then the Magistrate will bypass an order directing the go back of the Mobile telephone to you and you’ll have to show the order replica to the Police Station and then that they may return your telephone to you.

Necessary measures for cellular telephone users

It is continually stated that “Prevention is better than treatment” so, we ought to ensure certain things if we own a cell phone in order to reduce the chance or consequences of the stolen cellphone:

  • Install Tracking Apps– One can effortlessly discover lots of apps that may assist to find your misplaced cell telephone. These apps like Android Device Manager for Android devices, and for iOS devices, you will set up “Find my iPhone” service.
  • Remember your IMEI Number– All mobile smartphone consists of a unique tamper-proof identity wide variety known as IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity). This IMEI range can be placed on the lower back panel of your cellular telephone just below the battery or it’s far referred to to your Phone Purchase bill. You also can recognize the IMEI variety by means of dialing *#06# on your cellular cellphone.
  • Keep the Bill of your phone at a secure area– It is a fashionable tendency most of the human beings to preserve the cell smartphone buy invoice/invoice for the only reason of claiming guarantee however one have to maintain it secure after the expiration of warranty duration additionally as it facilitates in proving the ownership of the phone and is needed inside the method of saying it after the cellular is recovered by way of the police.
  • Sync your information online– It is usually suggested to sync your records on online packages like Gmail, Google Contacts, Google Calendar and so on., as it serves many purposes like preserving the information safe, safety from statistics loss etc,.It is sensible to change your password immediately after the theft.



This article is authored by Nandini Tripathy, student of BBA LLB at Symboisis Law School, Hyderabad.

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