How To File An FIR For Theft In Train?

Many times, we are stuck in a position where we lost our belongings on a journey. Somehow on a train journey, we lost our valuable personal belongings or luggage. Theft is done mostly at night or when the train stops at a station. Due to the consecutive stoppage of the train at different stations and zero security at the doors of the station, could be one of the reasons behind this. Local trains and other trains are often the ones who suffer from loot and theft. People travelling without tickets or forged tickets do this often. If anything happens like this, the case will then be referred for appropriate action to the police station.

In the case of luggage theft, robbery/dacoity in trains running, a passenger. For any assistance in lodging a complaint, the passenger can also approach the RPF Assistance Posts at major railway stations. The train can be the easiest medium for theft and just fly off. No one can check each one’s bag or luggage to find one’s belongings. A good number of train buggies and ‘n’ number of people travelling in it makes it extremely easy for the wrongdoer to commit the theft. Theft is not the only crime which happens in the train like harassment or eve-teasing, there are many among which theft is the easiest and convenient.

Options available if the luggage is lost:

In the event that the luggage is sent as a shipment the value of which the purchaser has booked and the purchasing percentage has also been paid, the consignor will be allowed to obtain the amount claimed which does not exceed the value of the luggage stated at the time of reservation.[1]

No need to interrupt journey to lodge FIR:

As per the Directive issued by the Indian Railways, in the event of theft, theft or tampering while travelling, travelers may reach the railway personnel available in the train, i.e. the conductor, coach assistant, train guard or police officer of the Government Railway Police (GRP) or the Railway Protection Force (RPF) for FIR accommodation. The staff shall immediately then forward it to the closest available GRP police station, which shall keep the victim briefed of the measures undertaken in his or her case. In addition, if the aggrieved person faces any difficulties in filing an FIR, he or she may approach the RPF Assistance Posts at major railway stations for any assistance.

Complaint by SMS:

Travelers can also lodge a complaint through the passenger-friendly “customer Web Portal and smartphone apps.” Passengers who wish to make a grievance and make any recommendations can simply log on to the Indian Railways web portal.

Not only that, but the smartphone app will also have a panic button for females in distress as well. Another important feature is that train passengers will also be able to complain offline of this phone app.

A case relating to Theft on Train:

On February 21, 2014, Ramila Devi, a resident of Mysuru, traveled from Bengaluru to Rajasthan with her family. They were all in the Garib Nawaz Express. Minutes after the train started to move, Ramila picked up her bottle of water to get some water. Just then, a guy came down from the top of the berth, grabbed her bag, and hopped out from the moving train. According to an article in The Times of India, the handbag that Ramila was carrying held 488 gm of gold and Rs 90,000 value of cash. Ramila ‘s husband quickly pulled out of the emergency chain, which managed to bring the train to a stop. He then informed the Train Ticket Examiner (TTE) about the theft and asked him about the action to be taken.[2]

Steps to be taken after a theft:

1. The first thing you need to do is to contact the TTE / coach attendant/guard to lodge a complaint.

2. You will be given the FIR form. Fill the form with full detail about the incident and the belongings.

3. Give the total lists of items which got stolen in the FIR form.

4. FIR will be forwarded to the police station for further investigation.

According to the official data, about 24,000 cases are registered by Indian passengers annually.[3]

Measures can be taken:

1. Always keep your valuable belongings such as a camera, mobile with yourself, and not in the luggage like a small backpack or something which can be kept always beside you.

2. Try to purchase travel insurance and see whether it covers your valuables.

3. Be cautious of your surroundings. The suspicious person can be well-identified.

4. Beware of the luggage porters i.e. coolie who take your luggage. Always keep an eye on them.





This article is authored by Tanushree Chakraborty, Fourth-Year, B.A. LL.B (Hons.) student at JIMS Engineering Management Technical Campus, School of Law, GGSIP University, New Delhi

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