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Characteristics of Negotiable Instruments

Introduction In our day-to-day life, we come across several transactions which involve the exchange of money for goods or services. Money, as a medium of exchange, may exist in several forms, such as currency, cheques, bonds, promissory notes etc. All …

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Functions of Commercial Banks

Introduction Banks play a pivotal role in aiding the progressive economy of a country as it gives an overview of the country’s economic growth and the performed financial operations i.e. operation of currency and credit system. Back then, when the …

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Difference Between Holder And Holder In Due Course

Introduction Negotiable instruments are a very important tool in the world of business and finance. This financial tool helps the parties of business in doing business with ease. A negotiable instrument is a document which has financial value and is …

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Difference Between Promissory Note And Bill of Exchange

Introduction Negotiable instruments have been used since time immemorial and are clearly not a new phenomenon. Negotiable instruments are crucial in business transactions. The Indian Statute concerning negotiable instruments has an explicit mention of promissory notes, bill of exchange and …

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Relationship between Banker and Customer

Introduction In India, the history of banking had started long before India got independence from the British in 1947. The first phase of the banking sector was initiated during 1786 with the establishment of India’s first bank “bank of Hindustan” …

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Different Forms Of Bankers Advances

Introduction Money is a crucial aspect in an individual’s life as well as for the business that are run by various companies. It is difficult to function without funds to face the competition in the market. Organizations and companies need …

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Process of Credit Creation by Commercial Banks

INTRODUCTION “A bank may receive interest simply by permitting customers to overdraw their accounts or by purchasing securities and paying for them with its own cheques, thus increasing the total bank deposits.”[1] – Benhams A central bank is the essential …

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Meaning, Definition And Principles of Insurance

Introduction ‘Uncertainty’ is the word which is associated with everyone’s life and business. Our future is unpredicted and unwanted events can occur at any point of time. With such unwanted events, there arises difficult times as to how to deal …

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