Types of Writs under Constitution of India

The Apex court and High courts have the power to issue writs under article 32 and article 226 respectively. The provision to issue writs is formed in order to make available the right to constitutional remedies to every citizen. There …

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Meaning Of Public Interest Litigation (PIL)

“Public interest is something in which public, the community at large has some pecuniary interest in which their legal rights and liabilities are affected. It does not mean anything narrow as a mere curiosity or as the interest of the …

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Judicial Review Under Indian Constitution

INTRODUCTION We all know every country has its own written or unwritten constitution for the governance of its nation. The constitution is a document a legal one in which laws are incorporated and these laws help to run the society. …

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Right To Constitutional Remedies (Article 32)

Declaration of fundamental rights is not enough unless the effective machinery for the enforcement of these rights were provided. Keeping this thing in mind the framers of the Indian constitution has inserted the Article 32 (right to constitutional remedies) which …

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Rule Of Law Under Indian Constitution

INTRODUCTION “The bedrock of our democracy is the “Rule of Law” and that means we have to have an independent judiciary, judges who can make decision independent of the political winds that are blowing- Caroline Kennedy The Constitution of India …

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