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Validity Of Electronic Contracts

Introduction In human civilization, we need to exchange goods and services with one another to maintain the cash flow in the economy and to satisfy the needs of the individuals in society. The objective of making a contract is to …

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Doctrine of Unjust Enrichment

Introduction In the Indian Contract Act, 1872, the doctrine of unjust enrichment was codified in enactments and this concept was further defined by the court.  “Unjust” refers to something that is not morally right or fair and not by justice.  …

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Difference Between Sale And Bailment

Human civilization is a society where rational species exist. The rational civilization of humans is run on a system of trade or exchange of goods, services, and property from one person to another. This exchange of goods and services is …

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Essential Elements Of Contingent Contract

Have you ever heard about betting and lottery tickets as they depend on the occurrence and non-occurrence of an event? This contract is very similar to that condition. Let’s learn more. A contingent contract is a conditional contract, implying uncertainty …

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Essentials of Contract of Sale

Introduction Every day, hundreds and thousands of sale transactions take place worldwide. Buying and selling of goods have existed since the first societies came into being, and the initial system of barter was replaced by minted currency once a standardised …

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Difference Between General Lien And Particular Lien

Abstract Rising disputes under the Contract law are a significant concern under smooth trade practices. Many times, disputes may arise out of uncertainty about Lien and pledge. The confusions may extend to the scope of ‘General Lien’ and ‘Particular Lien’. …

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Difference Between Tort And Contract

Introduction India is a country where there is a diverse culture and social behavior. India has one of the oldest and finest legislation in the world that pertains to various laws and regulations. Laws are evolving day-to-day and all laws …

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