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Emerging Intellectual Property Landscape of India And China

Introduction Intellectual Property includes original ideas, research results, critical business information, etc. which are intangible and emanate from human creative labour. In accordance with Article 2 of World Intellectual Property Organization, “Intellectual Property shall include the rights relating to literary, …

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Protection Of Internet Domain Name As Trademark

Introduction Information technology plays a vital role in the modern-day scenario for the development of the internet. Information technology can be considered as both boon and bane for companies as well as for individuals also. Various cyber-crimes happened on a …

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Analyzing Intellectual Property Audit Process

Introduction The contemporary economy is a sustainable, knowledge economy; driven by technology, artificial intelligence and robust scientific development. The dissemination of ideas, creativity and research is rampant and also pertinent to stay relevant in this innovation economy. While this phenomenon …

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Trademark Law In India – All You Need To Know

Introduction Trade, Commerce and Sale form important aspects of any economy.  In order to protect such aspects from unfair competition and to preserve its identity, Trademark, a branch of Intellectual Property Rights becomes essential. Trademark  refers to various signs, symbols …

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Salient Features Of The Copyright Act, 1957

Introduction Copyright law protects the expressions of ideas instead of the ideas themselves. Copyright protection is conferred on all Original artistic, musical, literary, dramatic, sound recording and cinematograph works. The moment a work is created its copyright protection commences, its …

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What Are The Rights Enjoyed By An Copyright Owner?

INTRODUCTION Copyright is an assurance given to makers of particular sort of fills as an accolade and an affirmation to their imaginative scholarly information and works applied.[1] The goal of copyright has consistently been an assurance of the makers’ interest …

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