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Registration Procedure for Trademark – An Overview

Introduction Before understanding the registration procedure for trademarks, firstly understand what Trademark is. Trademark can be anything like a word, symbol, name, number, and color, label it is like a visual symbol for the identification of a particular product or …

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All About The Copyright Act, 1957

INTRODUCTION Copyright is a form of intellectual property protection granted under Indian Law to the creators of original works of authorship such as literary works, computer programs, dramatic, musical and artistic works, cinematographic films and sound recordings. It is a …

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Overview of Patent Act, 1970 in India.

A patent is a prerogative granted by the government to the inventor to exclude others to use, make and sell an invention may be a specific period of time. A patent is additionally available for improvement in their previous Invention. …

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An Overview of The Copyright Act, 1957

INTRODUCTION India is among the developing countries in the world. India is very lucky to have received the copyright act from its colonial rules. Prior to the copyright act of 1957, colonial India had the copyright act of 1847, which …

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Geographical Indication Under IPR

Geographical Indication A geographical indication is a sign which is used to identify a product originating from a particular place. Similar to the birthplace of a person, geographical indication identifies the origin of a particular product and both of them …

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Copyright and Dimensional Art

What is Copyright Copyright is a type of intellectual property rights which gives the owner sole right to copy his/her creative work for a limited time period. Copyrights can be given to artistic work, literary work, educational work or musical …

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Issues in Commercialization of Intellectual Property

Introduction Commercialization might be comprehended as a procedure of processing something in order to create benefits or the act of dealing with an item or good in a way to achieve monetary profits.[1] Mutual agreements are a significant factor in …

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Can Religious Symbols Be Registered As A Trademark?

India is a secular country where people who follow different religions live together. People have faith in religion they follow, and they give huge importance to all the norms, beliefs, rituals, and customs of their religion. For that matter, religious …

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