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Difference Between Layoff And Lockout

Introduction Whenever workers want their employer to heed their requisitions or to spurn working under the conditions of employers, they use strike as a weapon to force the management to accept their demand. As a counter, the management uses lockout …

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Difference Between Strike And Lockout

Introduction In this article, the author has compared Strike and Lockout and discussed the legal aspects of both of them and Noted down key differences between them. With the advent of the Industrial revolution, new industries came up. The set …

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Doctrine of Notional Extension

Introduction It is the fundamental right of every person to live with dignity and happiness and it is the right of each person to live tension free. Then why to left labour or workers, who work day and night and …

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Challenges Faced By Trade Unions In India

Introduction The world almost came to a standstill due to the outbreak of Covid-19, India being no exception to it. The Indian economy took a tremendous blow due to the lockdown. It drastically affected the aviation, tourism and hospitality industries, …

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Labour Movement In India

Introduction In a globalized world, it is important to protect the interests of workers along with that of industrialists. A trade union is an organized association of workers in a trade or in a profession that is formed to form …

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Workmen Compensation Act 1923: An Overview

Introduction The Workmen Compensation Act 1923 was enacted as social security legislation to reimburse workers or employees in the event of an accident due to and during the course of their employment. It came into force in 1924 and applies …

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Equal Pay For Equal Work In India

Introduction Firstly, the question arises that what is the basic necessity for humans’ survival in this world, (called Earth)? So, the very expeditious answer comes in the respect of this question is food, shelter, and clothes. These three are the …

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