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What Is Zina In Islamic Law?

What Is Zina In Islamic Law? The term ‘Zina’ literally refers to illicit sexual intercourse between any two Muslim individuals, under Islamic law. It is considered to be a sin. However, the consequences and punishments for committing this sin, vary …

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Prohibition In The Case Of Muslim Marriage

Introduction Under the Mohammedan law, Marriage is considered purely as a civil contract and even its essentials are similar to that of a civil contract, this was observed in the landmark case of Abdul Kadir v. Salima And Anr.[1] Under …

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The Primary Sources of Muslim Law

Sources of Muslim Law Source of law means ‘the origin of law’ or ‘from where the law has been evolved’. There are two sources of Muslim law, which are known as primary and secondary sources. The primary sources of the …

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What Is Alimony? Law of Alimony In India

INTRODUCTION Alimony is derived from a Latin word alimonia which means sustenance. Alimony or spousal support is the monthly support given by one party to the other after the divorce. It is not a compulsory payment and is generally provided …

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How To Prove Mental Cruelty?

How To Prove Mental Cruelty? Being a part of this society we all understand the importance of marriage in the life of every human being.  Marriage not only defines the bond between two person that is husband and wife, but …

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How To Prove Mental Cruelty In Divorce?

What is mental cruelty? Section 13(i) (a) of the Hindu Marriage Act, 1955, has comprehensively characterized and defined the term cruelty. While Parliament did insert the term ‘cruelty’ in the Act, it did not supply an exhaustive definition. As a …

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Custody of Child In Divorce Matters

The child’s custody mostly becomes a problem at the time of divorce to be determined by the court to resolve the issue. The laws and issues related to a child’s custody rely on the child’s and parents’ religion. In India, …

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Can You File For Alimony Before Divorce?

Alimony or Spousal Support is a significant part of the Family law of the nation. Interestingly, Family Law in India is not one coded document but a compilation of multiple personal laws of various religions. On one hand, where we …

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