How To Check Your Police Record Through Online?


India is experiencing a tough rise in crimes. The law is being weak and crime is rising day- by – day. There can be many reasons because of this we want to know our police record and we can know our record by both the ways online as well as offline, but in this paper, we learn to how do I find police records online. These are the reasons for checking police record is if you see false information about you on the internet and any comment on that information which is some embarrassing and also these things is not good for your career like in your job and also if you want to get a loan so there also it will make a disadvantage to you, so because of these checking you can take the step against it and remove or correct this false information. This is a good idea to check not yourself in fact you also check the other’s background also like a stranger with whom you are going to meet, you can know about your roommate, you can know about your new employer and before married to a stranger.

We see in our society some reasons for the crime like rape, domestic violence, dowry, etc. which are the highlighted crimes which take place too much in society. In  Doctor’s report, they said the many crimes take place when the persons are angry and there is no control over themselves while they are doing it, there is no feel guilt in the heat of passion and forget the consequences of that step which they are doing.


For finding the police record your own and others you can find easily and by online search, there are many websites from which you can easily find the records but for this online search, you have to pay a certain amount of fees for using these websites. Link attached for the websites or By the way of these websites, you are able to find many records not only police records like a criminal record, civil records, education degree verification, employment verification, background check etc.

Any member of the public can apply the online for checking police records, the applicant chose the appropriate check. It is too easy, simple and accessible.


Before applying for an online police record the applicant must require that:

  1. Two pieces of government-issued identification that should not expire.
  2. A piece of identification which includes a photograph of the applicant.
  3. Proof of residence must be required.
  4. VISA or Mastercard

It should be noted that health care and social insurance number cards are not accepted and also it should be noted that, the request will be accepted only the application means that request which is made by the applicant only will be accepted in all police record check and the request of the third party will not be accepted. The other thing is generally there is no need to take fingerprints but it is necessary so the online process will be discontinued and the applicant will ask to attend the Community Resources Centre to complete the application.


When the payment has confirmed and the applicant has been submitted, a customer service representative will begin to complete the request, so the applicant will receive an email to attend the police facility when the check has been completed. When getting the record, the applicant should provide identification and proof of residence if required.

The process is complete within seven to ten working days. Many the process would take more days if the fingerprints are required. You can pick your police record from where that police facility you selected in your application process and you select that location which is near in your residence and your police record check online is available 24 hours a day.  In the online police record check the fingerprints processed can not be available in online mode and for the taking fingerprints, an email will be sent to the applicant.

The last thing is if you are not receiving any email or notification to pick you record or background, so you have to contact customer service and you can also send an email for finding your record. So this is the total process to find your police record, it is simple and easy but in India many of persons whose name are the same because of this the person facing some problem but now the adharcard is available so the problem has been solved. It is the simple process and the person find their police record easily.

This Article is Authored by Shweta Sharma, 2nd Year BA.LLB Student at JEMTEC School of Law, Greater Noida.

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