How to Prepare for a Magistrate Interview?


The Judiciary in India is a complex structure with a number of officials at every level to administer the legal proceedings in the state. The magistrate is the person who adjudicates the cases which come before the court.

The word “Magistrate” is derived from Middle English “Magistrat” which means “civil officer incharge of administering laws.


The candidate who wants to become a magistrate must appear in the exams carried out by the Law Service Commission. Every candidate is eligible to appear in the exam of the magistrate who finished their graduation in law and that candidate also who had the degree of LLM, whose age must be more than 21 and not exceed 35 years at the time of applying.


After the passing of exam the candidate must be pass in the interview, it is the tough interview and for passing this interview the candidate preparation it must be good and his body language because in this interview the committee notices every step of the candidate, the committee finds the weak point of the candidate, so we can say that it is a tough interview. Many of the candidates like that who clear the exam smoothly but they fail in the interview, The many reasons behind it. So today we saw some aspects which are essential when the candidate goes to the magistrate interview because of these aspects you easily prepare for a magistrate interview. So for the preparation for the magistrate interview, it is necessary the candidate take the advice to that person who has appeared for the magistrate interview because of this, they prepare their answer in a straightforward manner and now in the google and On you tube many of the videos of magistrate interview this is also helpful for the candidates they can watch those videos and the books are available in the bookstore so the candidate can prepare their answer by that books.

Now we are talking about some important point which candidates know and take the attention on that points like, during the magistrate interview the candidate should be confident and also sit with the confidence in front of the committee, they ask many of the questions to confuse to a candidate for checking their confidence and his ability to understand when the committee ask the question to you the candidate answer is like that which not create the second question from the answer, the committee asks the question to you so you should be ready to give second question answer and you should have some idea that what can the second question because they want to see the confidence in the candidate and his or her way of talking and also understanding level and the most important thing, they want to know the candidate character is suitable for the post. It is the most important thing the candidate should know that the candidate only gives that information to the committee which asked by the committee there is no need to provide extra knowledge and information because it is not good to you because if you give an extra answer to them they start to ask more question about that. In the starting few minutes the candidate give their introduction to them, so their presentation must be good, they see your body language how to react and also most important point this if the candidate does not know about the answer so the candidate will say no, there is no need to make a story because it is wasting of time committee and also you, so please not show your smartness during the interview to make a story. So these are some points which should be followed.


These are six qualities that should be in the candidates who going to appear in the interview for the magistrate.

  1. Good Character like personal integrity, respect for confidence etc.
  2. Social Awareness like he or she know about all sphere of the society, respect of the people of every caste, race, culture means there should not be discrimination, acceptance of Rule of Law etc.
  3. Sound Judgement like the ability to think logically, the openness of mind, weigh arguments and able to reach a balanced decision etc.
  4. Maturity and Sound Temperament like he or she should respect the other views, ability to work others like court clerk, solicitor, other magistrates etc.
  5. Understanding and Communication like the ability to understand documents, ability to understand facts and evidence, good communication, strong ability to decide the case etc.
  6. Commitment and Reliability like a commitment to serve the community, willingness to undertake the required training etc.


These are some questions that are asked from the candidates who appear for the interview of magistrate. It is important that the candidate has a good answer to these questions which impress the committee and in these questions, they want to know your willingness, your aim and your reason behind this post like why do you want a magistrate. So it is compulsory for the candidates to prepare an effective answer which makes a good impact on the committee.

  1. Why do you want to become a magistrate?
  2. Tell us about your character? Is it suitable for becoming a magistrate?
  3. What do you understand about the role of the magistrate?
  4. There are plenty of other volunteer roles in society, why choose the role of a magistrate over the other?
  5. If we will send you an undeveloped state for performing your job so what will you do?
  6. What does your family think about you wanting to become a magistrate?


This Article is Authored by Shweta Sharma, 2nd Year, B.A.LL.B, Student of JEMTEC School of Law ,Greater Noida.

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