Indian Mentality Vs Human Trafficking

Human trafficking has become one of the major issues in India as well the world by this writing I would mainly like to focus of the women and children trafficking and the reasons behind it first let us understand what human trafficking actually means it basically means the business of humans carried out for the sake of profit of others. But when we move around in the society or when we go to any religious place we find many beggars out there specially the child beggars but do we really think how they have been here who did brought them here instead we the Indian people get a sort of sympathy for them and give them some sort of money or something to eat just by thinking that yes they are a beggar and they need help or something to eat this is how the mentality of our Indian people is, though we see many cases by our eyes happening in front of us but we Indians never come forward for it or to help anyone the only mentality we have is that is happened with someone else not with any of our family members so why to interfere? Specially in the urban areas human trafficking is seen on a very large scale and more efficiently in the metropolitan cities like Delhi Mumbai Chennai and many more there we find the victims of child labour extensively some of them are taught to beg some of them are used for the robbery and as far as I know the only victims that are been held of human trafficking are mostly small kids who do not have any kind of family support or the financial support with them also the teenage girls with the same no family and financial support and many times the women’s themselves the people who are the accused of the human trafficking

I personally feel they have some sort of talent of manipulating anyone with their talking and convincing skills which make for them very easy to carry out such dirty crime I would not like to focus on the survey or the totally bookish language and try to write an essay on it but I would like to mainly focus on the mentality of we Indians and this crime that is human trafficking respectively. As I have went through the cases of human trafficking had mainly focused on the facts and reasons that why did it happened and what reason gave the rise to the crime who was the actual wrong in it if we take an example of the  trafficking of the teenage girls they are basically trafficked for the sake of sexual business or in the other words can also be called as prostitution and we the people of India thinks that yes she is a prostitute stay away from her she is Characterless but do anyone anytime felt the need to look out for the reason that why she is been in this business or what might be the reasons she felt the need to do this the girls are been brought here by the manipulation specially the girls residing in the rural areas are manipulated by the boys sometimes by convincing them that the boy loves her and wants to marry her and asks her to run away from the place she is residing and come with him also sometimes some of the criminals are so rich and wealthy with their criminal Minds that they look out for the family in the rural areas who has been very weak with their financial support and then manipulates the parents of the girl itself promising them that he will be keeping their daughter happy and would marry her and the parents too believe in the boy and the boy takes away their daughter without any cross checking or getting all the details they just hands over their daughter to a stranger and as a result what happens is their daughter becomes the victim of the human trafficking and then she is helpless even her parents are helpless as the family has no string financial support and also no relevant information about the boy who has taken way their daughter.

In the other case the other very famous and common reason of women trafficking is manipulating the girl and her parents by convincing them to give her a job in a huge city with a huge salary and what happens is because of the limelight’s the parents too are convinced for the same and the boy takes away their daughter and yes the boy involves their daughter in the business called prostitution or sells the girl in the other country to someone else and the very interesting thing to know in such cases is that a girl who is been sold to someone else reaches in the other country in just am hour the process is so fast that it takes place just in  1 hour without knowing  to anyone so we can understand that how huge chain of this crime called human trafficking is and how many people are been involved in it

The new trend which has been started since few decades is the people haven’t left the hostels or the orphanage too there too this illegal business of human trafficking is been filed in many States also the ashrams that are been made for the windows which can be called as the sacred place for the widows what they believe also the only support that a widow can trust was only the ashrams that is also no more left and the fact behind all this is the criminals carrying out this crime has their helping hand as the politicians and some other powers with them because of which it really becomes very difficult for a widow or an orphan to call put for the help because as we all know this system mostly works on the powers and the politicians so gaining justice in such a situation becomes same as to that of impossible according to me

Also when we talk about the children they are been specially used as the beggars it is just because we Indians simply show some sympathy and give them something instead of looking for the reason and I assure you, people, once each and every individual will see any child beggar and will try to look out for the reason behind his begging trafficking of the children will be prevented and can be decreased with a large number and many of the criminal carrying this business will be exposed

I hope this my writing brings some difference and puts some light on the Indian people and everyone will start being a helping hand for all the children who are been victimized of human trafficking and also it puts some light on the teen girls and their parents and they be aware of this fact and avoid their daughter sisters or anyone to let go with any of the strangers. As we look deep down inside the depth of this matter one realizes the intensity of the pain and the struggle that is been structured in this crime and also the situation of the victims as well there might be certain different laws, in fact, strict laws in India but do they really work out I mean what is the use of such strict laws if these are the only people for whom and for whose security the laws are been created and implemented they are the only ones who are the accused of the crime and the people who watch the crime and are the reasons for the happening for the crime are the only ones responsible.

So in my opinion there might be people in the rarest cases who actually thinks and looks out for the reasons though if we take the example of the prostitute business do we ever think that if the people themselves stop going to them how will this business would be carried at least if any one person would take the initiative for the same there might be some change in the society relating to different crimes that are been caused by the people itself such as children and human trafficking and rapes prostitute business and sexual harassment as well so in some of the other way it’s the first prior duty of the people that is the society to avoid doing such crimes by firstly changing their own mentality and by taking the initiative  to help the victims and see whether if anyone is carrying out any crime should be looked after also it been universally accepted fact that India is the country which is been still a developing country but here also we Indians don’t want to look out for the reasons behind this developing nation it might be crime rate it might be poverty or unemployment it can be anything but this days if one looks out for the crime rate specially rapes sexual harassment and also the one most important human trafficking in India in past few decades the number of this crime has not been decreased despite it is been increasing day by day which is the hardest thing to swallow for any Indian hence now it’s a need for us to  take an initiative for this as human trafficking has become a major issue and has been going beyond the control now as we people itself and the society can be held liable for this crimes happening but now the society only has to look before it and try to change the mentality of each and every one and sop that in the following years it might be resulted in decrease of the crime rates of human trafficking and which will help out each and every child and women wo were about to be a victim of human trafficking to survive through it and give a new ray of sunshine and motivation for others and stop others even from trying to do such crime which will save many lives of the country specially the young generation of the country which are only the ones and responsible to transform the India from the developing nation to developed nation with the less crime rate and also with the well versed judicial system as well as somewhere in the small part of this crime of children and women trafficking there plays an important role that is Indian judicial system also as in some cases justice is been delivered very late due to which it makes the other person motivated for committing the same crime as well with the thinking that if the person who is been committing the crime has not punished so its quite easy to commit such crime and move out from the clutches of judiciary very easily so as far as the judicial system is concerned there should be more strict laws that should be implemented for the sake of the betterment of the society and also with the intension of after looking to the intensity of the crime punishment should be decided respectively and this would really help the crime such a human trafficking to get decreased with its number and also no man no women or not even anyone would think about committing such crime despite they would think hundreds of time before committing such crime looking before the punishment that is given after committing such harsh offense also one can make aware people about the laws and how human trafficking takes place by certain awareness programs by certain legal camps and many other things which would make people more aware and alert and people would think twice before sending their child or women or their daughter to any place with any stranger and would help to decrease the rate of offence of human trafficking respectively and further after this drastic change

I don’t think so there would any time feel the need to think about as such a topic that is human mentality vs human trafficking would ever come in anyone’s mind to write if this change takes place in the country.

This article is authored by Jidnyasa Kshirsagar, student of B.A.L.L.B (Hons) at Maharashtra National Law University, Nagpur.

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