Tricks To Crack Judicial Examination

What is Judicial Examination?

Judicial Services Examination or the PCS (J)-Provincial Civil Service-Judicial Examination which they are commonly referred to, are entry-level exams for law graduates to become members of the subordinate judiciary. The state governments under the supervision of the respective high courts appoint members of the lower judiciary based on the competitive examination.

How do you prepare for the judicial examination?

Preparation for Judicial Services Examination requires a focused mind with a planned framework. For that you should made each day schedule to cover the whole syllabus in a limited time. After completion graduation, you should studied 10-12 hours every day, in which you should give 2-3 hours for reading general knowledge, recent judgments and newspaper.

One should focus equally on English and Hindi language papers, it needs lots of practice. No fixed strategy is there for clearing the exam, what one requires are patience and determination, your hard would definitely pay off. You can join coaching, which will guide you For the Preliminary examination, the focus remains on the bare Act study thoroughly whereas, with regard to mains examination.

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From when a student should start his preparation?

Those who wants to attained in judicial exam they should start preparation at the beginning of 4th year and focus more on major Acts like CrPC, CPC, IPC, Evidence Act, Constitution, Personal Laws, Mercantile Laws etc. this would definitely reduce your workload and last moment’s anxiety. Prepare self notes of each subject that will help you in a quick revision for Mains examination.

Read all basic Laws thoroughly

Study all basic laws thoroughly, eminent cases and latest important judgments of upper courts.  Read regularly – No break. Study means study, no interruption, no mobile, no TV or other activities at the time of study. Discuss with friends it will help to understand. The candidates should make it a habit to read newspapers and legal magazines that cover model question papers, interviews of the selected candidates.

Follow news papers and go through the law books

Candidates should follow news papers regularly and current incident which will help candidates to aware about social issues. For the preparation of this exam you should go through the law books which are in syllabus. Once you have to read all law books line by line and make notes of important facts. Then read question-answer type guide and finally do practice to write answer. You must read case study also related to important topics.


Be confident and focused to clear the Examination with flying colors. Candidates must go through every subject mentioned in syllabus thoroughly, each and every subject is equally important. This exam requires a great hard work and commitment with proper planning and determination. Do away from all kinds of distractions, keep working hard, analyze your mistakes and weaknesses, learn from them, Success is bound to follow.

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