Law Event Experience – Seminar On Legal Issues Faced by Lawyer and Clients

My first experience of an event related to law was of a seminar which I attended in my first year of my LLB course. The seminar was on the topic ‘ Legal Issues faced by lawyer and clients. This seminar was conducted by Advocling and I with one of my friend went to attend this seminar.

In this seminar many law students from various Universities came. In this seminar there were three speakers who were Junior and senior advocates of Supreme Court and other Courts as well. The seminar happened in India International Center. Both senior and junior advocates came for interacting with law students and they were given the topics on which they were required to speak.

So the issues on which they spoke were-

  • Negotiation Issue
  • Late payment of fees
  • Transparency in services and fees
  • Recognition[1]
  • Less value to your work
  • Delay in cases

The session was very fruitful and it was new for me and for my friend because it gave us much knowledge which we might or might not have known so early and would have known these issues when we start practicing and this would have taken a lot of time to know these issues.

There are few points which I came to know regarding litigation and these were-

  • People in general sense think that the profession of lawyer is very money making because here the advocates demand a lot of money from their clients. Though it is right but it happens only when the lawyer is very experienced person and has dedicated his time to his profession for most of the life. It is only then, that the people start recognizing his talent and the person becomes best in his profession.

But what about the majority of advocates who have not been recognized by the people due to which people don’t believe in them and as a result they don’t get cases and is they get cases then the client is not financially good enough to meet the income of his advocate for the work he has done. As a result they get cases but it gives them less income. So this is the condition of majority of lawyers. Because of such uncertainty of the cases which a common advocate will get and also because of uncertainty in the fees due to their clients bad financial conditions, that the income of the advocates is very uncertain. Some time you will gain huge money and sometime there will be days or months that you have not earned a single penny out of your profession. Therefore it creates uncertainty in the income of advocates.

  • Another thing which I came to know is that in order to maintain your respect in the mind of your client then never charge much more than your fee. Because if you will ask for the money for every work you do then from the client then this will leave a negative impression in the mind of your client that you only want money and you are not at all concerned about your duty towards your client. Because of this, the perception in the mind of majority of the people is that the advocates only loot their clients. Therefore never demand money in excessive of your fee.
  • Another thing is that take your fee for every hearing because if you will take the fee at the end of the case then it will decrease your interest in the profession. And many circumstances may also rise when you are in need of money. This will create a lot of problems due to which your interest will lose. If you will take fee for every hearing then it will bind your interest in the case and thus you will try to give your best for the case.
  • Another thing which I came to know is that every advocate should do it’s homework. This means that if you are given a case to handle then you should have complete knowledge about the laws, bare acts so that your client do not think that you don’t know anything about the law and they are wasting their time by taking your help. So always do your homework because when you have full knowledge about the laws, acts relating to the case then it will give you confident with regard to your case and also will increase confident in the minds of your clients for you as a lawyer.

Therefore, the speakers talked about these issues which every advocate faces. Apart from this, they also told about their life experiences in brief.

After the event was over or after every speaker the students would ask them questions with regard to their respective topics and the speakers would give them the answers to their questions. When the event gets over the students who attended this talk were given certificates.

[1] International seminar 2019 on legal Issues faced by lawyers and clients  by Advocling

This blog is authored by Saivi Kumari, student of Law at Faculty of Law, Delhi University 

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